Bumming and blogging

Here is a total bummer:  Scott went to Albany where it was cold enough to snow three inches in April.  He brought back a cold and then shared it with me.  It gave him an incredibly sore and scratchy throat, but it gave me an incredibly sore and scratchy throat, a nasty cough, way too many asthma breathing difficulties, a headache (caused by packed sinuses that refuse to drain despite large and frequent doses of Sudafed), a virtual inability to breathe lying down, ears that haven’t yet unstopped, body aches, and a possible low-grade fever.  I’ve been called an overachiever. . .

And tonight is church (!!!), and tomorrow is a slew of errands.  Sigh.  I’ll be gone from 7:50 AM to about noon, then from 1:00 to 2:00 PM, and then from 4:45 to 9:20 PM.  Other than the very first one, none of those runs is optional, and I obviously have to feel significantly better than I do in order to pull them all off.

Which is why I am sitting here in the green chair under an afghan blogging instead of being at church, where I really want to be.  Sigh.  Well, actually punt the sigh.  It just makes me cough more.  Our pastor just wrapped up a GREAT “Final Countdown” (to Jesus’ resurrection) series, and I can’t stand the idea that I’m not there to experience whatever she and God serve up next.  So there.  Frustration expressed.

Accepting what I cannot immediately change, my goals for tonight are to:

1.  Write a blog post

2.  Practice my choir music (our final rehearsal is tomorrow night and the concert is Sunday afternoon), or, since I really can’t pull together enough breath to sing even an octave low, at least play the tough sections of the alto parts on the piano.  Embarrassingly, I’m not too secure on a number of these pieces.  There are quite a few places where I still don’t sing the right notes at the right time.

3.  Put away the clean laundry that Andrew carried up to our room for me.  He’s such a gentleman with stuff like that.

4.  Take a hot bath.

5.  Figure out and take the right combo of OTC meds, cough drops, inhaler, and sleeping aid to render myself breathing, drowsy, and comfortable all at the same time.

6.  Go to bed

I hope to accomplish all that before Scott and Andrew get home in an hour.  Well, yes, I do often struggle in the area of setting realistic goals.  = )

But #1 is done!


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