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BoSox out, Cardinals in

And there was great weeping and gnashing of teeth. . .

And there was much rejoicing.


Hoping Boston wins

Tonight, the Skink is glued to the TV, watching Boston play Baltimore.  I think this is the final game of Boston’s season, and if they win and if a lot of other things fall a certain way, they will get into the play-offs.  This would be a big deal.  Right nowm the game has been rain delayed, and Major League Baseball says that although the rain is expected to continue for some time, the game will not be called.  Could be late night for My Hero!

Meanwhile, while Scott cheers his Red Sox on, I am very close to catching Katie in a game of online scrabble.  Amazing.  We’re down to 11 letters remaining, and I have a great word to play, but it’s not my turn.

It’s nice to enjoy a bit of recreation!

Buying a house

Trying to get inspired for a post today. . . I guess the time has come for me to publicly state that we are in the process of buying a vacation rental home.  My natural tendency is to worry and get stressed about all the details, but I am choosing to resist all that and stay calm and peaceful.  Thankfully, Scott is  graciously allowing me to not play a major role in this endeavor, and that helps a lot.

The plan is for us to close and take possession on Friday, and then the first set of guests arrives on Monday.  It’s a good thing the house is virtually fully furnished, because it’s looking to be a busy weekend, just moving in the stuff we’ve been acquiring and getting it all squared away.  God’s grace is enough, and it will all be well.

Working my way down

Yesterday I reached a milestone.   I have been overweight for forty years and still am, but for the first time in well over twenty years, for the past two days my weight has been equal to Scott’s! (Since the middle of my first pregnancy, it has been higher.)  God has been gracious to me and I am rejoicing.

Taking my own medicine

I sent an email to a dear friend of mine who leads a terrifically busy life and therefore has not posted to her blog in four months.  She then posted my email on her blog, hoping to motivate herself to write something, ANYTHING, on a regular basis.

I, too, have been lax in this area, so here’s today’s short post.

The Llama and I are home alone in the rain today.  He is finishing up (or maybe not. . .? ) this week’s school work, and I am supposed to be doing academic planning and writing some blurb for our vacation home.  I am committed to spend fifteen minutes a day on that till I get it done, but I will say that I hate having projects hanging over me that I don’t know how to do.  This is one of them.

Scott, Jessica, and Andrew are out shopping.  Well, let me edit that.  AS I finished typing that sentence, Andrew hollered, “We’re home!” so I guess they are home now.

Katie’s in Virginia, and I do miss her.  However, she assures me that all is going well there, so that’s good.

It’s cool and rainy, and I need to find out if the movie night at a nearby church – that Josiah and Andrew are planning to go to – will still occur if it’s raining.

Medicine taken.  More to come.

My phone may be dying – so sad, so sad

I like my phone a lot.

It’s very sturdy.  I can drop it, snap the battery and back back on, and always turns back on and works like a champ.

It’s loud.  I can actually hear well on it, as opposed to the house phone or face-to-face conversations.

It’s simple.  I can talk on it.  It doesn’t take pictures or play music or tune in the radio or shoot video.  If I absolutely have to text, I can.  It’s a phone.

But today, Scott told me that we’re going to have to get me another phone.  He claims that my phone doesn’t ring.  Hmmm. . . now, I guess that would be a problem.  He KEEPS calling me on the house phone on his way home from work, and that is obnoxious, because there’s so much static and I can’t hear him well.  It’s also cheaper to call my cell, so I’ve been wondering why he doesn’t.  It must be because he calls my cell first, but since it never rings, I don’t answer it.  That is probably frustrating for him – about as frustrating as the six months that his phone consistently hung up on me. . .

So now it looks like I will have to get a phone that does a whole lot of things I don’t want it to do and costs a lot of money for the privilege.  (Sigh)  I did try to buy a second phone like mine a couple years ago, against the day when mine should pass away.  I was going to buy it secretly and hide it away, and then at the necessary time I could just take the card out of my phone and stick it in the new one, and no one would be the wiser.  I tried, but when I went back to Wal-Mart, this handy little workhorse of a phone had already been phased out and was no longer available.

My phone only cost $25 and it has lasted well for probably four years.   I will now choose to be thankful for what I’ve had.  (Sniff, sniff)

Happy anniversary

Our kids really blessed us this past weekend by handling everything on their own, so that we could go away to celebrate our 24th anniversary.  We left Friday at 11:00 AM for Creek’s End near Parthenon, AR and returned Monday at 5:30 PM.  It was an absolutely glorious, God-blessed weekend – perfect weather, a lovely secluded cabin in a very romantic setting, plenty of rest, and lots of fun times hiking, biking, picnicking, and seeing the elk.

We were truly refreshed and inspired.