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Freakishly fast

Last Thursday, I found myself on a 55-minute tech service call with HP about an issue with our printer. (It had decided in no uncertain terms that it had absolutely NO further use for the paper tray with which it had been in a a close, ongoing – and to all appearances mutually consentual – relationship for three years.) As “Drake” in New Delhi very courteously informed me, the situation I described was “not a standard problem” and “highly unusual.” Alas, after much analysis and many unsuccessful attempts to remedy the problem, Drake broke the news to me as gently as possible: the printer could not be repaired and had to be replaced.

Now, being unable to print was somewhat more than a minor inconvenience because I use the printer nearly every day. However, Drake assured me right then (3:00 PM Thursday, November 8) and there that our new printer would be delivered in “six to ten business days,” and since I would need to sign for it, he gave me tracking information so that I could ascertain when to be available. I did the mental math and noted on my trusty Monster Grid calendar that the HP Officejet Pro 8710 would show up sometime between November 16 and 22.

I was not awake at 12:16 AM Saturday, November 10, but that is when an email from HP landed in my inbox, informing me that my printer had shipped and would be delivered “on Tuesday, November 13, by end of day.” O¬†frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! And bonus points for HP! I was pleased. Early would be very nice, and I made a different note on my aforementioned calendar to be available on Tuesday to sign for it.

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 10, there came a “k-nock” at my door, and by the time I trundled downstairs to answer it, lo and behold, the FedEx man was just exiting the scene through the side yard, his truck having been parked on Coffee Road, and a large, heavy, glossy HP box sat on the porch, mere inches from my front door. So much for six to ten business days! Can you believe it? That printer arrived in a mere 46 HOURS. I was duly impressed.

Still am.



A few things I’ve learned recently

  1. Never buy Christmas cards that have glitter on them. It is impossible to avoid wearing said extremely fine, powder-like glitter, and despite aggressively washing your face, you will look like a 1990s gymnast for days.
  2. If every press of the comma key causes all text prior to that comma except the initial letter to disappear, and if this happens with your built-in keyboard as well as your external (USB) keyboard, it’s time to re-boot your computer.
  3. Don’t use fresh green beans to make green bean casserole. They are way too crunchy and effectively defeat the whole “comfort food” goal.
  4. Quicken’s ability to download transactions is as fickle as a middle-schooler’s friendships.
  5. There’s also a Great Canadian Baking Show, and it uses the same theme music as its British forebear!

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