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Yellowstone by the numbers

3518 miles driven

318 (our Grant Village campground site #)

80 mph – speed limit in Wyoming and South Dakota (although the head wind made it hard to get up to 75 mph)

65 potty stops and/or bathroom runs for Patty, estimated

49 unique U.S. license plates recorded (all but Washington, D.C. and Hawaii)

30 buffalo (“bison”) seen grazing in Hayden Valley

27 mosquitoes on Katie’s sweatshirt while hiking the Pelican Creek trail

22 campground showers taken by 7 people (sixteen free, six at $4.51 each)

21 gas fill-ups

19 pieces of campfire wood scavenged

14 stops to re-tape the camper window (“Oh, no! The the tape is flapping!”)

12 glorious days of vacation

11 nights away (one in a hotel in Denver, CO; eight in a camper in Yellowstone! = ); one in a hotel in Keystone, SD; one-half in a hotel in Sioux Falls, SD

9.6 overall mpg

8 jaunts to wash dishes in cold water (carrying pots of hot water in addition to all the dishes and washing supplies)

7 large containers of food purchased, stored (three coolers + four flip-top boxes), prepared, and eaten; many wonderful meals (thank you, Jessica!), yummy snacks (Chex Mix), and tasty desserts (LaShell’s Awesome Bars, Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake)

6 loads of laundry done

6 Canadian license plates recorded

5 adult kids (from Gordonsville, VA; Hong Kong; Palo Alto, CA; and Walnut Shade, MO) ALL TOGETHER in Yellowstone!!!!

4 mule deer (silently walking through our campsite, three of them only 25 feet from our picnic table)

4 gorgeous waterfalls (Lower Yellowstone Falls, Kepler Cascades, Virginia Cascades, Gibbon Falls)

3 amazing geysers (Beehive, Old Faithful, Lone Star)

2 and 1/2 mile hike to Mystic Falls = sunburned scalps

2 “real deal” boiling mud pots seen and smelled (Artist Paint Pots)

1 Old Faithful Buffalo, seen on three different occasions

1 memorable campsite (#241) and amphitheater, both in Canyon campground

1/2 roll of duct tape expended in camper repairs

innumerable games played (Bridge, Corn Hole, Harry Potter, Dominion Adventures, Bridge, Seven Wonders, Five Crowns, Cuppers, Bohnanza, Corn Hole, Bridge… )

lots and lots and lots of pictures taken

many, many special memories made  = )


Jeopardy question: What is three hundred twenty-six?

Answer: The number of emails that arrived in my inbox during the 12 days we were away on our amazing Yellowstone vacation.

I could also mention the (literal) seven-inch high stack of snail mail.

It took me several days, but I have now gone through all the print mail, and I’ve dealt with or deleted all but 80 of the emails. Re-entry progress is being made.


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