A tale of two turtles

A week or so ago, as peered intently down from the bridge, I did indeed spy one of the teeniest, tiniest turtles have I have ever seen.  From some 30 feet up, size estimations are challenging, but I approximated him to be about the size of a half dollar.  He was floating at an angle near the surface, occasionally paddling a few strokes, but basically at the mercy of the then fairly swift current.

No turtles – indeed no other reptiles at all – have been spotted (or striped, for you ultra-critical proofreaders and die-hard grammarians) since that time. . . until this morning.

Today, I saw not one, but TWO turtles, feeding and swimming in tandem.  The one I will assume to be the mom was large (lunch plate sized), and her adolescent son was about the diameter of a (women’s) softball.  I watched them for a minute or so and smiled deeply.

Hooray!!!  The turtles are back!

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