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Jeopardy question: What are snow, iguanas, and temperatures?

Answer: Things that fall.

A couple weeks ago, my sister in law who lives in south Florida, sent me this.

“… We’re hunkered down in the 30s the last couple of days.  Pretty rare for us.  Latest hazard is falling iguanas, who are immobilized under 40 degrees.  what_smile…”

The visual of falling iguanas really made me smile. I don’t know if they’re falling from the sky, or if they’re falling over like the cows in that one Veggie Tales episode, but the temps in Walnut Shade have done some falling of their own of late.

Sunday it snowed. Not a lot, but it was glorious and it kept coming down from 7:00 AM  to nearly 1:00 PM, with the result that the church Scott was scheduled to speak at in Springfield, our own church, and seemingly every other church in Branson all canceled services. Monday it snowed a lot more, beginning during my walk in the morning – and I only did three laps instead of my usual four, because the shoulder icy and/or piled up with snay – and continuing steadily to early afternoon!!! When all was said and done, we had either four or five inches of beautiful white powder, the kind Scott says is perfect for skiing. He thought four inches was probably most accurate, but when it comes to snow I always round up, so my official number is five inches. I took some pictures, and then Andrew, who is a very good photographer, went out and took a slew of pictures with my big camera. If we all live long enough, I will share some of them. here.

Anyway, with the snow, I have just been ecstatic!

And then talk about falling. When I set out this morning, out thermometer read MINUS EIGHT! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a temp that low here. I only did two laps, and I took my walking stick for more secure balance on uneven surfaces. It was just the ticket and I had no problems. Of course, there wasn’t what you’d call heavy traffic at 6:15 AM on a legal holiday, so when no cars were coming, I just walked in the middle of the lane. Thankfully it wasn’t windy, so only my nose and fingertips were really cold, and I wasn’t even out thirty minutes, but when I got back, it was -10. amazing. We did get up to a positively balmy 18 degrees around 2:00 PM, but since we’re now sitting at -5 at 10:00 PM, I think I’ll leave the boys’ faucet dripping again tonight.


As General Douglas MacArthur once famously said,

“I shall return.”

To blogging that is. So many posts in my head, so little time. But I remain ever hopeful and very determined!

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