5/28/20 “I have reviewed your claim and determined that your damages were a result hail.” (letter to one of our vacation home LLC’s from American Modern Property and Casualty Insurance Company)

5/20/20 “The company joins other major retailers to since the disease in the U.S. in March.” (CBS News online)

4/29/20 “Over 99% of small businesses in Missouri are small businesses.” (email from Senator Roy Blunt, subject line “Paycheck Protection Program Re-Opens”)

3/25/20 “More than simply a visit to a nature reserve, the trip to reinforces classroom lessons concerning science inquiry and processes.” (“Normandy Schools Collaborative,” Missouri Conservationist, March 2020)

“Notification times have went down significantly and outages often pinpointed within two power poles… These practices provide you with safe service and helps to get our line workers home to their families every night. Whether it be through education or technologies, Communicating with you, our members – has been put at the forefront… Our conversations with you, on our various social platforms, continue to build. Whether its Facebook or YouTube, we love hearing from you and conversing in real-time because we value your feedback.” (Snippets of CEO Chris Hamon’s article, “Our 80th Annual Meeting,” in WRVEC’s Current Times portion of Rural Missouri, October 2019)

“Kids fishing debry Sun., Oct 6” (on the Branson RecPlex lighted sign, September 21, 2019)

“Two years ago, his experience earned him the title of Assistant Mangager of Safety and Training. Throughout his career, he has helped provide disaster-relief to hurrican victims, taught multiple apprentice classes, and earned Certfied Loss control Professional (CLCP) and Management Internship Program (MIP) certifications.” (In an article about Claude Koenig in Rural Missouri, May 2019)

“MDC Dispursements” (Heading in “Annual Review” supplement to Missouri Conservationist, January 2019)

“As you think through what you would like to God bring about, we suggest two main objectives…” (Focus on the Family Citizen, December 2018)

“- Not oblicated to explain your rights.” (Bullet point seen on screen during a TV commercial for the law firm of Bishop & Hayes in which Tim Hayes was speaking, January 2019)

“It’s well known that what happen in California doesn’t stay in California.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, October 2018)

“Paleoartist Gary Staab usualy paints his own glass eye for his historic re-creations like this eye for a prehistoric shark called Heliocoprion.” (Rural Missouri, October 2018)

“She took the next step by asking her school administrators for permission to up posters about the event in common areas where students generally post announcements, like cafeteria walls and lockers.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, September 2018)

“Our culture is more deeply divided on social issues than ever before, and even the media (perhaps especially the media) seems to have thrown off all professional and personal restraint, allowing their biases to show.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, September 2018)

“…we’ve put together a non-comprehensive list of resources for families dealing with various aspect of this issue.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, August 2018)

“After a two-year effort led by the Bobby and Cece, last year West Virginia lawmakers passed legislation creating the Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, August 2018)

“And so began a long, long journey. More than a decade to get the amendment through the legislature (May 2011). Two and a half years more for voters to approve it (November 2014).” (Focus on the Family Citizen, May 2018)

“Mississippi legislators pass – and Gov. Phil Bryant signs – a lawbanning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy – making it the most protective state in the U.S. for preborn children.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, May 2018)

“A former convict, Jon Kelly now ministers at inner-city Chicago church.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, April 2018)

“‘… That rhetoric is outdated,’ Craig DeRoche, Prison Fellowship’s vice president of advocacy and public policy, wrote in guest column for the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch ahead of last November’s gubernatorial election.” (Focus on the Family Citizen, April 2018)

“Another benefit is that unlike regular golf, disc golf can – and by enthusiasts, often is – played year-round.” (Rural Missouri, May 2018, p 18)

“From excessive fines to endless paperwork, cutting regulations has been key to making have a little red tape as possible… With almost 100,000 farm spread across 28 million acres, investing in regulations and cutting regulations vital to Missouri’s success.” (U.S. Representative Billy Long’s email newsletter, January 19, 2018)

“Most popular posts on the blog:

“What is the primary reason you would visit a national park? (check all that apply)” (National Park Foundation’s “2017 OFFICIAL SURVEY on NATIONAL PARKS,” November 6, 2017)

“A lot of has changed in the last eight years.” (In U.S. Representative Billy Long’s “Long’s Short Report – Prioritizing fiscal responsibility,” October 20, 2017)

“He specialists in narrative nonfiction, especially in the fields of cultural history and the history of exploration.” (On the Goodreads website, about the author of Moscow Nights, October 19, 2017)

“During the winter months when all other bodies of water are frozen solid, heated water discharged from eth power plant turbines offers a unique fishing opportunities for hybrid striped bass and other fish species.” (p. 32, Missouri Conservationist, June 2017)

“Please note that product prices and availability are limited time and are subject to change.” (in an email notifying me that my order from Walmart is ready for pick-up, July 22, 2017)

“The pursuit of academic excellence must be within an environment, however, that also encourages students to flourish in their faith – a place where the tenants of faith are examined and explored as a necessary component of educating the whole person, not derided as destabilizing to a “progressive society” or belittled as fairy tales.” (in a letter from Patrick Henry College president Jack Haye, dated February 10, 2017)

“Students will be busy scheduling during the month of March.  Take time to visit with your son or daughter about what classes they want to take next year.  We hope to provide courses that not only provide them with BHS graduation requirements, but also peak their interests and prepare them for their plans for the future.” (in an email from Branson High School principal, February 16, 2017)

“The deep-pink flowers are clustered at the top of a tall, branching stem, producing a sweet vanilla scent that attract many butterflies, especially monarch butterflies.” (p. 30, Missouri Conservationist, September 2016)

“Rachel wanted a place where locals could buy and sell goods from their neighbors and a place to come together that a point of community pride.” (in the September 2016 issue of Rural Missouri)

“Founded in 1983 by General Motors engineer Bill Gaines and his wife, Jeanne, the company now employees more than 90 people from across Northern California.” (in the September 2016 issue of Trailer Life)

“Church Legue Champions – Promise Keepers 2015”  (plaque on base of Branson church softball league championship trophy, July 1, 2015)

“All of our guest bring us joy: some by coming and others by leaving.”  AND  “If your lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough.”  (two signs in the cabin we stayed in for a weekend, February 8, 2015)

“Paid in fuill!  Thanks, John and MJ”  (receipt from our vacation lodging, February 7, 2015)

“If you have any questions, please reply to this message to write us. Or call a Client Services representative.”  (in an email to Jessica from TD Ameritrade, January 6, 2015)

“With prices for both beef and pork at or above all-time highs. . . ”  (Rural Missouri magazine, October 2014)

“They have divided the city into ten different quadrants. . . ”  (heard on KY3 News, in relation to Springfield’s new snow removal policy, November 2014)

“If for any reasons that you are dissatisfied with the products you received or with your shopping experience; please don’t hesitate to contact us and grants us the opportunity to resolve this issue.”  (printed on the packing slip enclosed with 5 eyeliners received from Beauty Central, September 9, 2014)

“BOXER Puppy’s”  (seen on hand-printed sign in neighbor’s front yard; the neighbors whose dog had ELEVEN puppies several weeks back, August 2014)

“He also played a large roll in the street witnessing that we did.”  Also, “The people we met. . . may be poor in material wealth, but the are very rich in love.”  (printed on El Salvador mission trip update, February 2014)

“In the event the student is unable to participate, this gift will then benfit other students participating in the missions program”  (printed on ORU Missions response envelope, 1/18/14)

“Estimated charge amount for mammo digital creen bilat is $293.00”  (printed out from St. John’s Breast Center, 1/15/14)

“Leon’s Italian Bread Stick’s”  (large sign over food booth at SDC, December 2013)

“I am retuning your un-deposited check as a courtesy.”  (business letter from a ministry, 12/13/13)

“The cherib that covereth”  (seen in an email subject line, 11/02/13)

“Its like you learn my mind! You appear to grasp a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you just could do with a few percent to pressure the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.”  (spam to my blog, 10/23/13)

“Please wait for cashier’s instruction before swipping card”  (seen on payment device at Kitchen Collection, 10/18/13)

“Expences”  (seen on wire transfer form filled out by personal banker, 9/11/13)

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