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Jeopardy question: What are snow, iguanas, and temperatures?

Answer: Things that fall.

A couple weeks ago, my sister in law who lives in south Florida, sent me this.

“… We’re hunkered down in the 30s the last couple of days.  Pretty rare for us.  Latest hazard is falling iguanas, who are immobilized under 40 degrees.  what_smile…”

The visual of falling iguanas really made me smile. I don’t know if they’re falling from the sky, or if they’re falling over like the cows in that one Veggie Tales episode, but the temps in Walnut Shade have done some falling of their own of late.

Sunday it snowed. Not a lot, but it was glorious and it kept coming down from 7:00 AM  to nearly 1:00 PM, with the result that the church Scott was scheduled to speak at in Springfield, our own church, and seemingly every other church in Branson all canceled services. Monday it snowed a lot more, beginning during my walk in the morning – and I only did three laps instead of my usual four, because the shoulder icy and/or piled up with snay – and continuing steadily to early afternoon!!! When all was said and done, we had either four or five inches of beautiful white powder, the kind Scott says is perfect for skiing. He thought four inches was probably most accurate, but when it comes to snow I always round up, so my official number is five inches. I took some pictures, and then Andrew, who is a very good photographer, went out and took a slew of pictures with my big camera. If we all live long enough, I will share some of them. here.

Anyway, with the snow, I have just been ecstatic!

And then talk about falling. When I set out this morning, out thermometer read MINUS EIGHT! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a temp that low here. I only did two laps, and I took my walking stick for more secure balance on uneven surfaces. It was just the ticket and I had no problems. Of course, there wasn’t what you’d call heavy traffic at 6:15 AM on a legal holiday, so when no cars were coming, I just walked in the middle of the lane. Thankfully it wasn’t windy, so only my nose and fingertips were really cold, and I wasn’t even out thirty minutes, but when I got back, it was -10. amazing. We did get up to a positively balmy 18 degrees around 2:00 PM, but since we’re now sitting at -5 at 10:00 PM, I think I’ll leave the boys’ faucet dripping again tonight.



Three (not fifty) shades of white

I am fully assured that God loves me deeply and personally, but IF I ever wondered about his love for and grace toward me, I had full proof of them both at 12:45 PM on Saturday, March 11, 2017. Scott and I were at the dining room table playing Dominion over lunch when I glanced out the front window and nearly screamed, “It’s SNOWING!!!” And indeed, it was. And it continued steadily and at times heavily for the next two-and-a-half glorious hours.

Our weather so far this spring has fluctuated wildly and frequently, with temps nearly up to 80 one day and in the 40s the next. The spring peepers were out peeping for two days a few weeks ago, and then it went down to 24, and they were silent. The Bradford pears are just about done with their three-week show, dandelions are beginning to make their presence known, and on Friday, our plum trees suddenly (they always do this overnight) but a bit more hesitantly than usual began blooming. And then on Saturday, the merciful, magnificent snow!

I ran out on the porch, barefoot, just to grin and stomp and holler at the joyfulness of it, and that’s when I noticed that while I’ve always described the plum and Bradford pear blossoms as white, I don’t remember ever having had the opportunity to simultaneously compare both of them to Snow. I realized I was definitely seeing three varieties of white.

It was our first and LONG-awaited snow of the season, and I sighed with contentment; one of those sighs that means (a la Mark Gungor), “all’s right with the world.”

Let it snow!

Saw a rainbow this evening!

It was cloudy and sunny and sprinkling – excellent rainbow conditions – and it was one of those rare situations where we could see the entire arch of the rainbow, with a faint portion of a second one beside the brightest leg of the first one. Very, very pleasing, indeed! Andrew took a panoramic photo of it and another one of Scott and me in front of it. Hopefully I will be able to add those to this post sometime soon.

In other news, Jessica is coming home Thursday night!!!

Pastor Barb preached a humdinger of a message about church attendance this morning. WOW.

We spent several hours dealing with a homeless couple today. It was an experience.

Scott, Andrew, and I played Scrabble this evening (with a two-minute timer on Scott’s turns). On one turn, he played all seven of his tiles to form UNLOVING, and got 79 points! Final scores: Patty 161, Andrew 178, Scott 254.

But we saw a rainbow this evening, and it was glorious!

Do rejoice with me

It is SNOWING in Walnut Shade!  It’s coming down pretty heavily and it’s so very beautiful.  I am thankful to God, and Jessica is very happy to be here and get to see it actually coming down and sticking.  This doesn’t happen very often in Hong Kong, so we all count this as a blessing.  There has been snow on the ground for thirteen consecutive days, although as of this morning, it was only visible in a few shady spots.  Now it will be ALL OVER THE GROUND, and I will smile.

Middle of the road

Because my life has been quite full lately, I haven’t been blogging, and I really regret that, so before I totally forget one of the great things that happened a week ago. . .

IT SNOWED!!!  It snowed big time; nearly six inches of pure, cold, white glory!  I was SO happy!  We moved our life group to 4:00 PM last Sunday (instead of the usual 6:00 PM) because snow was expected, and it did not disappoint.

Monday morning I donned boots and related winter garb and went out to walk.  Amazingly, our road, a US highway that is always plowed post haste, was still virtually untouched.  Cars had gone by, but no snow plows.  (We call those snay plows in our family, but that’s another story involving Mr. Frumble.)

There were big drifts on the shoulder I frequent, so I actually ended up walking down the middle of the road!  How fun!  There was almost no traffic, so it didn’t matter.  I just moved into the thick stuff on the side when a car came by.  I took some pictures that morning which I need to upload and insert into this post.  Hopefully I will remember to do that soon, but feel free to remind me.

Now it’s Saturday night and there’s still plenty of snow on the ground in spite of our balmy high of 44 degrees today.  Not to worry, it’s expected to range between 25 and 30 all day tomorrow, so I don’t think there will be too much melting.  God sure must love me a lot!

Seen in the dining room

Hanging on a chair:  Scott’s fleece, zip-up JACKET!  Evidently he was wearing it this morning when he was out praying.  He gets up earlier than I do, but when I looked at the thermometer at about 7:00 AM, it read “50 degrees.”  That, in southwest Missouri on July 29!!!  We are so, so, SO very blessed weather-wise this year.

Jeopardy question: What is 45?

besides the measures of two angles in an isosceles right triangle!

Answer:  The temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on our backyard thermometer at 7:15 AM today.

NEVER before seen in Walnut Shade

It’s exciting to know that we’re witnessing a little bit of “first time ever” history here in our fair unincorporated area.

Today is July 15, 2014.  As anyone who has spent any amount of summertime time in southwest Missouri knows, July is terribly hot.  And humid.  Some years July is just about as sweltering as August, and every year July is some degree of miserably warm.  The A/C runs virtually non-stop and the meter spins around and sings “cha-ching” with ever-increasing rapidity.

A cold front moved through the area last evening.  I don’t know where it came from or where it’s going (although it may well be on its way to Virginia to visit my kids!), but it was 50 degrees here at 6:30 this morning!  And, wonder of wonders, our A/C which is set at 80 degrees NEVER KICKED ON ALL DAY!

Be it therefore noted that I am hereby documenting this landmark occasion in my own personal blog on the very day of its occurrence (thereby creating a bona fide primary source), because future generations will surely deny that such an event ever happened.  Indeed, it is truly so implausible as to be numbered with the Holocaust, the moonwalk, and other unbelievable and frequently “denied” incidents.


What would Brandon Beck have said?

The Life Group leaders arrived at 5:30 PM.  Scott had set up a table back near the burn pile with all the paper goods, buns, and condiments for our hot dog-and-brat roast.  The drinks, ice, and cups were on a table near the picnic table, and a number of lawn chairs were out in a semi-circle near the hammock, cuppers, and ladder ball.

In short, all the usual cookout stuff was ready – or as ready as it needed to be.

In addition, Scott wanted each Life Group leader to fill out a survey (front and back) about this session’s group – what was good, what could be improved, and then a ranking on some 10 or 15 various areas of personal and group-related issues.  We scrounged up six clip boards and pens for people to use, with the stated motivation that they had to fill out the survey before they could cook their dog.

So, some people (including Yours Truly) were sitting in the lawn chairs deep in thought, working on their surveys, and two people were playing cuppers, while little kids took turns on the swing – or whined about it not being their turn.

Steve arrived a few minutes late, because Scott had asked him to pick up some marshmallows for roasting, and when he saw everyone else filling out forms, he asked if he had to, too.  I replied that Scott had said we were all supposed to fill them out before we could eat.  I handed him a clipboard and sat back down, thinking suddenly that perhaps I had felt a raindrop or two.

Well, probably not.  It wasn’t even all that cloudy.  It must’ve been my imagination.  Well, maybe not.  Hmmm. . . was that rain?  Sometimes that tree drips sap.  In fact, while I was playing cuppers with Jonny, it had dropped on his shaved head and he had commented that something was dripping on him.  Surely it was sap.

I put my pen back to my paper and immediately sensed (was it my deep spiritual intuition?  NOT!) that it was indeed rain, and I stood up, thinking that we may need to move stuff.  I walked over toward the drink table, some 20 feet away, and I kid you not, by the time I got to it, it was pouring down rain!

I glanced at Scott asked him if he thought we should quickly try to move everything inside, and he said no, that it was probably just a passing little shower and would end in a minute.  We stood under the swing tree, and Abi asked if we needed to move things inside.  I started to make some intelligent reply, but just them the sky opened and the rain got significantly heavier.

“Let’s move it all in!” I shouted to Abi, as I gathered up soggy clipboards and a couple of two-liters, and the literal truth is that, moving as quickly as I could, bu the time I got from there into the breezeway, I was drenched.  My hair was as plastered to my head as if I were standing in the shower.  My clothes were dripping, and my underwear was soaked.

There was nothing for it but for all of us to keep running out and back in with armloads of stuff.

I grabbed as many beach towels as we had and had a wet friend hand them out to wet people as they came in.  Everything was dumped onto the dining room table – wet bags of hot dog buns; condiment bottles; the flower pots of plasticware, terra cotta thoroughly saturated; a stack of foam divided plates, all wet; the cup that had he

Realizing that we still had to cook our dogs and brats, I put a pot of water on to boil, but soon saw that they guys had moved the gas grill to porch.  We’d obviously be grilling after all.

With everyone soaked to the skin, we turned off the AC, because we were all cold, and I worked rather feverishly to try to get the kitchen ready to host a mini cafeteria line.

Everybody pitched in, and within 15 minutes, we had our meal (minus the roasted marshmallows).  Although Scott had planned on a relaxing evening of yard games, having punted that, we had a good discussion about the survey items.  While the adults were discussing, Andrew and Jerry took the kids back outside to play.  It had just about stopped raining, but was everything was quite wet and muddy.

I think all in all it came out okay, and at least it our end-of session cookout was memorable.  Later in the evening, I asked Scott if rain had been forecast.  “I don’t have any idea,” was his reply.  “Several times this afternoon, I intended to head to my computer to check the weather, but I’d get side-tracked and it never happened.”  I supposed it doesn’t really matter.  The forecast may well have said, “Locally heavy afternoon and evening showers.”  We just happened to live in Locally Heavy.




More amazing weather

It’s been a tough season for church services.  Sunday morning service has been cancelled  either three or four times, and Wednesday night at least once.  This is a total bummer for a lot of reasons, but the wonderful thing has been the cause of the cancellations:  SNOW!!!

Saturday, March 8 – We left Georgetown, Colorado in a foot of snow.

Tuesday, March 11 – We took our first kayak run of the season at home in 75 degree weather.

Sunday, March 15 – It snowed steadily at home for five hours, with a two-inch accumulation.

This morning I could not walk my standard four laps because the bridge, which is smack dab in the middle of my path, was icy, and its shoulders (where I walk) were completely iced over.  Instead, I had to walk over to the bridge and back eight times, which was not nearly as fun.  Then I took Andrew to work and we had to wait uncommonly long long for his boss to arrive, so when I got back home, things were beginning to melt.  But I parked below the bridge and walked very carefully up to the center of it (by then the driving lanes were fine, but the upstream shoulder was still solid ice because it’s in the shade) to get some pictures of the creek surrounded by snowy trees.  That kind of scenery is rare and precious around here.

Now it’s 4:00 PM, 58 degrees, and there’s no evidence that it ever snowed at all.  When I told Andrew it had been two inches deep here this morning, he said, “No way!” I assured him it had been, and he said that at the house he was cleaning, twenty minutes SOUTH of here, it had been four inches deep!  Very uncommon, but it makes sense because I heard on the TV weather report that Harrison (some 45 minutes south of here) had reported four to six inches of snow!  I’m sure the Harrisonites are rejoicing greatly.

Of course, it is not possible to have too much snow.  I am sighing with great contentment (“Ahhhh!”) because I think my snow “battery” is now fully charged.  My guess is that it won’t snow again here this season, but if it does, I will be smiling.

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