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Catching up a bit

I love to blog and desperately want to do so regularly, but here’s a funny and rather sad truth: when lots of interesting and blog-worthy things are happening in my life, I don’t have time to blog; and when nothing’s going on, I have time to blog but nothing to say. This means that sometimes – like now – I have a long list of things I wanted to write about, but which happened a while ago so I can’t remember all the wonderful details, and at other (much rarer) times I have no such list and end up staring at a blank WordPress screen wondering what to say.

So today I am just making short mention of a number of special events and thoughts.

We were “on the road again” quite a bit in March and April.

Scott, Andrew, and I took a fun day trip to Eureka Springs (walking about town and up to the Crescent Hotel, lunch at Bubba’s Barbecue, Thorncrown Chapel, bowling) while he was home on Spring Break.

Two weeks later Scott and I had an overnight in North Little Rock for Scott to speak at one of our supporting churches there. We also stopped by my parents’ house for a brief visit.

Six days after that, the two of us drove to St. Louis and back (the same night, 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM) to attend the Varsity Vocals regional semi-finals. Andrew sings baritone inĀ  the Beartones, a men’s a cappella group at MSU. They had won the regional quarter-finals in February and were competing at the next level in St. Louis. Unfortunately, they did not place there, but we enjoyed the concert (including Andrew’s classy back flip!) and were very proud of him and the guys.

Ten days later, Scott and I enjoyed our already well-blogged-about getaway to Panther Cabin and surrounds in northern Arkansas.

A few days after that, I made a trip to Ft. Scott, Kansas to attend the funeral of the elderly mom of one of my dear friends.

After all those trips in a month, I was ready to be home for a while, and the following week Scott left for a three and-a-half week mission trip to Kenya. Ain’t no moss gathering around here!

Then, the day before Easter, the three of us (Scott, Andrew, and I) had an absolutely lovely and WONDERFUL float trip on Bull Creek. We put in at Round Mountain Road and because of time constraints only floated the upper section, taking out at Gaars. It was one of the best float trips I’ve had in a long time, and I want to state for the record that Andrew in particular went out of his way to take total, compassionate care of me every inch of the way. He followed me, looked out for me, walked/hauled me through rapids and other tricky stretches, advised me, encouraged me, and portaged my kayak when necessary; in short, he made absolutely sure that I felt totally safe and secure every single moment we were on the water. He knew that I had had some scary kayaking experiences in the past, and, sensing that I was nervous and dreading the float, he just made it his mission to ensure that I had a good trip. Mission accomplished: I enjoyed it maximally! (Of course, knowing that I was floating with a very strong ace lifeguard who was fully trained in all things rescue didn’t hurt either.)

Tragically, two weeks later we had torrential rain, the creek rose 14 feet in four hours, and two novice kayakers drowned at the same place where we had stopped for a picnic lunch during our idyllic float.

Lessons: Don’t float a stream in raging flood conditions, wear a life jacket if you’re not a strong swimmer, and be ready spiritually, realizing that life is precious and can be cut short very suddenly.




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