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Home for the Holidays

On Friday night, December 16, at about 9:30 PM, Katie pulled into the driveway.  With all six of us together in the same place at the same time, Christmas officially began.  We’ve had loads of fun over the past eleven days, and since I haven’t made time to blog in a long time, I will post a list of notable facts so we can remember them – and maybe even relive them in “Walnuts Two,” but I’m getting ahead of myself.

1.  Bridge is fun and frustrating game.  We’ve been playing a LOT of bridge, otters against beavers, and we’ve all had our share of lousy cards and going down.  In spite of that, we four (Scott, Patty, Katie, Jessica) are always up for another rubber.

2.  We girls played even more bridge with Pastor Barb on Tuesday night (December 20) while Scott and Josiah were gone to the men’s Courageous meeting.

3.  If you put a dozen ladies in a room with 700 cookies, paper plates, ribbon, and Saran Wrap, they can plate up those cookies in under 30 minutes, even with Pete Long sneaking broken ones (or was he breaking them first?) to the kids for “quality control” purposes.

4.  On the Wednesday night before Christmas, groups from our church caroled all over Branson and Hollister.  Our group sang to the Ipocks (“Molly, please don’t bite the neighbors!”), Schmitts (the dog doo in their yard was deep and wide), Stewarts (glad we came, but many of them had been sick with a stomach virus), Scott’s friend, John, up on the access road (you should’ve seen his daughter’s eyes light up and their little dog dance!), Tedders (they were SO BLESSED to see and hear us, even when we stumbled through a totally butchered rendition of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”), Lees (smoke got in our eyes), a co-worker of Jessica Long’s (she was really encouraged and touched), Kinder Wilson and kids (thrilled that we came), and Mrs. Walker (she was home but didn’t come to the door, so we left cookies in her mail box).  It was J.R. and Judy Ball, Pastor Barb, Scott and me, and five boys:  Jerry, Kenny, Zach, Reece, and Andrew.  WOW!  Combine several units boy sweat with innumerable competitive boy bodily discharges and generous helping of dog poopy shoes, and you’ve got one ripe van for caroling!

5.  In the week before Christmas, it is possible to members of one family to go to Wal-Mart and average of more than once a day.

6.  Many fun things can be found at Wal-Mart.  Paying for them is another matter.

7.  On a relatively warm (45ish?) late afternoon on Friday December 23, the entire populations of Stone and Taney County can be found trying to park their cars at Silver Dollar City.  Many of them will have to park at the far end of the lot that used to be called “F,” but which now has some numerical monicker.

8.  Despite SDC’s excellent tram service, it is possible to WALK from “F” to Guest Relations and get there before the tram.  Jessica and I know because we did it, and we stood in line at Guest Relations for five minutes before the rest of the tram-riding family showed up.

9.  If you take your wallet to go play frisbee golf in a large city park in another state, and if the wallet is dropped somewhere in the 1700 acres of that park, you will not be able to find the wallet when you go back to look for it, even if it contains your SDC season pass and your non-drivers ID.  Ask Andrew.

10.  If you go to Guest Relations to get a (free) replacement pass on one of the final days of the season, and if your I-Am-Surrounded-With-God’s-Favor-As-A-Shield father goes with you, you will have your new pass and be into the park before the rest of your family can chew and swallow their free taffy sample.

(more later. . . bridge is calling)

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