Us four and no more

With Jessica on a mission trip on the other side of the world and Katie back at college on the other side of the country, we are down to moi plus three males.  that would make for a family of four, which is fine, but just very strange.

For instance, I have no idea how to cook for four.  Do I cook for six to eight and have leftovers; leftovers that won’t feed us a second meal?  Or do I try to alter all my recipes to only feed four?  Who knows!

Then there’s the matter of chores.  They all seem to be coming back around to Mom.  I haven’t done this much housework in YEARS!

Scott’s also threatened to do away with the van, since we only need four seats now.  I’m pretty sure he was joking, but I strongly vetoed that idea, just in case.

I kind of miss the hub-bub of having more warm bodies flying back and forth and in and out of the house all the time, but I’m guessing that with effort I can adapt to this new, smaller mindset.  Trying to look on the bright side. . . maybe the grocery bill will go down.  Or maybe the electric bill.  The washing machine should be happier, as it shouldn’t have to run EVERY day.  Shouldn’t four people make fewer messes and less noise than six? Hmmm. . . so far that one is definitely not happening.

I am terribly proud of both of our girls.  After several weeks of training, Jessica will begin the outreach phase of her mission this weekend; and after a week of R.A. training and a week of freshman orientation, Katie will begin her life as a junior and an R.A.  I have to remind myself that although I do really miss them both, their absence is not a punishment of us.  On the contrary, they are able to do what they’re doing because  we have succeeded in training and equipping them and sending them out to make a difference.  Their journeys are our rewards.


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