Hot and getting hotter

It’s hot and humid here.  It feels like Arkansas weather.  Today’s high was 98 and the heat index was supposedly in the 105 range.  I am thankful for air conditioning.  The air in the house is working well, but the air in the van is not.  The van’s at Branson Muffler and Wade’s Automotive, where it is awaiting an A/C pressure switch to be delivered from the dealer tomorrow.  Wade is “99% sure” that the part will be at the shop before he gets to work, and since the van is parked crossways in his lot, I am hopeful that he will be able to unite the two successfully tomorrow.  Josiah will then take me (in the non-air conditioned ’86 Toyota) to pick it up, and no matter how hot that ride is, it cannot possibly be any hotter than the trip to take the van to the shop at 4:45 PM today!

I am watering most of my containers daily now, and the beds and barrels every other day.  It’s so hot that it’s hard for me to even tolerate being out in it, so I am trying to do my walking at 6:30 AM, start watering by 7:15 AM,  shower and run any errands right after breakfast,  and try to get back home by 9:30 AM.  By which time the mercury is pushing 90 and climbing rapidly.

In order to walk at 6:30 AM, I really need to get up at 5:45 AM, and in order to get up at 5:45 AM, I really need to go to bed by 10:00 PM.  That never happens, but maybe if I stop typing and hit the shower, I can give it a shot tonight.   Therefore, good night.


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