(since May 1, 2007 – listed from the bottom up)

Belted Kingfisher – on power line above Bull Creek at bridge

Stellar’s jay – Georgetown, Colorado (March, 2009)

Pileated woodpecker – drilling cedar tree in our backyard (January, 2009)

Baltimore oriole – at our hummingbird feeder (2008)

Green heron – wading in Bull Creek at the 160 bridge

Cliff swallows – dozens of them flying around the 160 Bull Creek bridge!

Brown thrasher (or maybe wood thrush?) – two of them on ground outside dining room window.

Robin – in our side yard

Red-bellied woodpecker – on tree next to Casa de Luz’s parking lot

Killdeer – on gravel somewhat back from Hwy 160

Carolina chickadee – at our backyard feeder

Indigo bunting – at our backyard feeder

Mourning dove – on ground under our backyard feeder

Mockingbird – on red cedar tree along Coffee Road

Blue jay – at our backyard feeder

Turkey vulture – flying over Hwy 160 at Bull Creek bridge

Great blue heron – flying over horse farm across the road

Ruby-throated hummingbird – at our porch feeder

White-breasted nuthatch – upside down on tree in our backyard

Cardinal – at our feeder

Rose-breasted grosbeak – at our feeder


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