Jeopardy Question: What is 3.2?

Answer: the number of minutes it takes to comb bind one Pressing Toward the Mark workbook.

A more telling number is probably 16.5, which is the number of hours it takes to comb bind 300 such workbooks. I was really glad to be able to do it, and having the task finished does give me a great sense of satisfaction, but I am pretty sure I would also be fine to never again in my natural life stand for that long at the dining room table pulling, adding front and back covers, cross-stacking, adding plastic covers, punching (six punches per book), and threading (two stacks per book) any PTMs.

It is also clear that my project planning skills are simply not up to snuff. On editing, I never plan nearly enough time, and on this project, I roughly estimated it would take 25 hours. I’m obviously way off – still – but at least this time it’s in the right direction. I always like to exceed expectations.



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