There are several YWAM bases in Hong Kong

Jessica serves at one of them. One of the other Hong Kong YWAM bases has a food pantry and is the sometimes recipient of miscellaneous food donations, which it both distributes to homeless people in the surrounding community and shares with its staff. I was talking to Jessica this evening, and she showed me a box of lychee fruit sitting on her table. I had never heard of lychees (also spelled litchi), and on the off chance that you’ve never heard of them either, here is a picture I pulled off wikipedia (with instructions that I cite the author of the photo, which I will gladly do: By I, Luc Viatour, CC BY-SA 3.0, 1024px-litchi_chinensis_luc_viatourJessica told me that that other YWAM base in Hong Kong was given. . . are you ready? 1.5 metric TONS of lychees! That’s 3306.93 pounds of fruit!!! And even if you have a food pantry, I guess 1.5 metric tons of anything is a heckuva lot of it to use before it spoils. So that base has shared some of its lychees with the Harbour City base where Jessica works, and I guess all the staff members got their share lychees.

I also learned that, like me, Jessica can’t beat her husband at the game of Splendor, and the process of opening a bank account in Hong Kong is unbelievably convoluted and frustrating.

Jessica was eating lychees for breakfast, while Andrew and I were eating pizza (homemade by Andrew!) for supper. Such is family life on two sides of the world.


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