My mountain

We are getting ready to give some copies of Scott’s Pressing Toward the Mark discipleship course to some Bible school students, and we have finally gotten them edited and formatted to be printed and “comb-bound.” We looked into having all that done at a print shop, and it was pricey, but since it needed to be done relatively quickly and since it was more printing than our home machine could handle with a good attitude, we figured the ministry would just have to foot a rather hefty bill for the printing and binding.

But then Scott met with the associate pastor of a local church to share with him what Take the Challenge was doing, and that pastor was excited and wanted to help, and he offered to have his church staff buy all the supplies and print the whole lot of PTM’s, at NO COST TO US(!!!) and let us borrow their comb-binding machine to put them together ourselves. What a huge blessing!

So we now have 300 pages’ worth of PTM workbooks (50 pages each), 300 front cover stock pages, 300 back cover stock pages, 600 plastic covers, and 300 3/8″ combs in various levels of disarray in our dining room, along with a manual comb-binding machine.

We’re under a time deadline; we have about a week to prepare the first 200 copies, so tonight I faced off against the comb-binding machine. Initially we did not play well together. It took me 36 minutes to produce four bound workbooks. Sigh. But I now have 11 completed, and I am getting faster. I eventually figured out how to speak the binder’s language (without four-letter words!), and I am now able to do a workbook in four minutes. This still means an incredible amount of time will be spent on this task, so if I don’t answer the phone or reply to emails or texts, you will know what I’m doing. I’ll be scaling my PTM mountain!


1 Response to “My mountain”

  1. 1 Scott January 29, 2017 at 12:37 am

    I know it is scriptural, but please don’t speak to your mountain, be removed and be thrown into the sea!

    I really appreciate your work.

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