On wind and sun

When drying clothes on a line, wind and sun are both very helpful.  Sun alone will do it, but will requite the full five hours that light beams onto my lines. Wind alone could potentially do it, but will likely require two consecutive low-humidity days. The wind/sun combo is definitely most efficient; given sufficient quantities of each, all items except jeans, sweats and thick towels will dry in as little as two and-a-half hours.

But here is a truth of which I was ignorant until I learned it the hard way: if your clothes dry completely on the line, but if they then remain hanging there after dark, when you go out to get them a couple hours after sundown, they will be damp – even if there’s been no precipitation! In this case, the wise housewife simply leaves them hanging overnight and realizes that, given the optimum ratio of sun and wind, they will dry the following afternoon.

Of course, both of my grandmas were known to dry clothes on lines strung in their basements. It surely got dark down there, but sadly, I cannot ask either of them if that dampened their dry clothes.

Moral of the story: Get the clothes in off the line BEFORE supper, either today or tomorrow!


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