Device grace

I have a new to me phone. It’s an iPhone 5 that Andrew bought used from a friend at TCA earlier in the year. He used it for several months until he bought himself a new and evidently much improved iPhone 6 something or the other. Jessica used this phone while she was in the States, and now I’m glad to have it. It’s really great to be able to download apps and put things on it without checking to see how many megabytes I have available!

One of the things I wanted to do was to back up my new phone so that if something happened to it, I wouldn’t lose all my contacts. Scott said he could back it up to my computer, but first, I wanted to put music on it. I had music on my old phone, but for some reason, when all my stuff from transferred from the old to the new, only one song made the leap! That was not a pleasant realization! Scott said we should get the music I wanted from my computer onto the phone before backing up the phone, so this afternoon we began that process.

I may have mentioned that I am not ultra tech savvy. Scott is pretty good that way, but even he had a rough time trying to figure out how iTunes works for this and why nothing about it is the least bit intuitive. He finally figured something out, and called me back to my desk. Supposedly, from whatever point he had things, I would be able to move the project forward.

I pulled out my handy-dandy “Technical Info” file folder, the one where I have the easy-enough-for-your-grandma-to-follow documentation Katie had created for me with the following detailed processes, among others:

Step 1: Transfer music from CD to computer

Step 2: Transfer music from computer to phone

I was merrily tripping along when I came to a problem. I was to click a certain icon, but that icon was nowhere to be found. It seems that (according to Scott) I now have a different version of iTunes, so my beloved instructions are no longer perfect. However, God’s grace was abundant, and between Katie’s blurb, Scott’s comments, and my own clicking around, I had success with an album that had been on my old phone, was stated as being on my computer, but which consistently disappeared every time iTunes tried to take it from my computer to my phone. I first had to look up my amazon order history to prove that I really had bough that CD last year. (I had.) Then I had to find the physical CD. (I did). I next had to import it to my computer (done), do some gyrations to prove to iTunes that it really was there (proven), and put the blessed thing on my phone. Yee hah! I felt so competent! And I know it was God’s grace.

The more important instance of device grace was Scott’s computer. He had bought a new one a week or so ago and had been using it to prepare many lessons for a Bible school series he’ll be teaching next week. Hours of work went into this prep. Yesterday, the new computer died. As in, wouldn’t power up. As in, when it did finally power up, the log-in screen was only visible for ten seconds. the thing was DEAD. Scott was extremely frustrated and discouraged. He began the process of re-doing all that work.

But we had asked our church friends to pray about this, and lo and behold, this afternoon, while I was working at my desk on my phone/computer/music project, Scott was in Jo’s room and I heard a very loud clacking noise that continued for quite a while. It sounded like when a pinball machine re-sets, and all those numbers go flapping over. That sound usually lasts about three seconds, but this was even louder and kept going for about a minute!

Soon after, Scott came into the office with an evil laugh and a gleam in his eye, saying, “Oh, the grace of God!!!” I don’t know what he had done, but somehow he had gotten his files off that dead clacker and had them on a flash drive in his hand. AND THERE WAS GREAT REJOICING!!!!!

God’s grace clearly extends to electronic devices.


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