Church date

Scott and I planned to go out on a date tonight, but I wanted to do something different. Usually we do some errand or the other – shopping for one of us or for a vacation rental home – or go walking in one of our favorite places and then go out to eat somewhere. I was thinking of Mr. G’s Pizza downtown, but we didn’t have any errands to do, and I didn’t want to just go eat and come home.

We brainstormed quite a bit about this because we both want to figure out some fun things we can do together. Our ideas were pretty wild. They weren’t specifically for tonight, just things that are fun to do.

Corn Hole





Walking or hiking

We realized as we talked that most of the things we like to do together are outside things, and it was 93 here today. For me, that’s just too hot to enjoy being outdoors. Since we couldn’t come up with anything wonderful to do, Scott said we could just stay home and play cards (we like to play cards) and then go out to eat. I was fine with cards, but staying at home seemed boring. I wasn’t looking for a grandiose or expensive activity, but I did want to leave the house.

It then occurred to me that we could go to some park with a picnic table and play cards there before going to eat. And Scott said we could take our card table and a couple chairs, so that we could play wherever we wanted, whether there was a picnic table available or not. He thought down by Sycamore Log Church Sycamore Log Church(near upper Roark Creek) would be nice, and he even said we could wear our crocs and set the card table and chairs IN the creek, so our feet would be cool!

We loaded up and headed out, and sure enough, right there in the shade at Sycamore Log Church stood a picnic table (not in the creek), and it was perfect for a game of two-handed pinochole. Which he won, 1010 to 720, mainly because he managed to get a double pinochle, which was worth 300 points! We finished off the evening with a Mr. G’s Favorite (minus the black olives) and some good discussion.

Back home, I told Scott that I had really enjoyed our creative date. Dates don’t all have to be different, but this one was a very nice change of pace.




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