Freezer burn

I recently decided to defrost the upright freezer in our cellar. This is now only a 15 minute task, thanks to my having figured out some years ago that I can melt the ice with water straight out of the water heater, also located in the cellar a mere ten feet from the freezer.

I had evidently let the job go longer than my usual six weeks, and there was a super thick layer of ice in the bottom. I attacked it with my trusty screwdriver – the one I keep on top of the water heater for opening and closing its drain valve – to break up and scrape off as much as possible first. Then I blasted it with hot water.

As I was running the hose back and forth against the lowest part of the back wall of the freezer, I suddenly burned myself and jerked my hand back. Initially, I thought it was the water, but that didn’t make sense because I use that same hot water all the time to shower or wash dishes, and it doesn’t burn me. But I was definitely, albeit mildly, burned on the outside of two fingers of my right hand. They had brushed against the back wall as I was hosing. . . And then I saw it! A somewhat scorched brownish place on the back wall of the freezer, almost down to the bottom. That back wall is metal, and I must’ve grazed my fingers against it while hosing. But why would the bottom back of the freezer be hot enough to burn me? Maybe that’s where the defrost heater is located and its thermostat is a little messed up? Hmmm. . .

I really have too many other things on my plate to try to figure that out right now, but at least the situation did provide me a satisfyingly catchy blog post title!

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