There is no joy in Mudville

Just got the news that Ted Cruz dropped out.

Now, I’m not a huge Ted Cruz fan, but I did vote for him in our Missouri primary, simply because he actually had a chance – albeit a slim one – to beat Donald Trump here. And had Cruz won the Republican nomination, I definitely would have supported him in the general election.

But the way things look tonight, I think I will finally get to vote for my man, Marco Rubio, after all. I will do so with my head held high, knowing that I am choosing a man who cannot win, but who honors God, thinks clearly, develops reasonable policies, and possesses a high degree of character and integrity. Those qualities matter more to me than anything else in choosing a president, but I will say that writing in his name will be bittersweet as I remember the America I have experienced and believed in (and do so desperately miss) and look forward to the one facing us now.

God, please help us. We can’t do this alone.


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