Pots and more pots

I feel a little like the woman to whom Elisha said, “Go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few.” 

It’s time to make the donuts plant the tomatoes, and that requires pots. Over the past few years, I have amassed a nice collection of cheap-o Wal-Mart 15″ plastic pots. I take off the bottom saucer (useless in my situation), put a small rock in the pot over each drain hole (yes, this means collecting some hundred pieces of gravel), arrange three small pieces of wood on the sidewalk to provide some elevation for water to drain, place the pot on the pieces of wood, and fill it with potting soil.

The issue is the pots. They are, as mentioned above, cheap plastic, which is perfectly fine for tomatoes, none of whom gives a rip about his or her personal appearance. But (and despite my repeated admonitions) when Andrew weed-eats the yard and goes around the pots, the torque of the twine is sufficient to whack holes in the pots. Small holes are not a big deal, but when they become inches long and an inch wide, the water I put in from the top runs out the hole(s) before the soil becomes saturated. Rather frustrating.

So this year, I sorted the pots into three groups: intact, holey but usable, and too holey to use (a.k.a. “holier than thou”). And combining the first  two groups, I had six pots, but I had twelve tomato plants to go in those pots, and they really need to be one plant to a pot. Actually, I HAD had 24 tomato plants because when I planted the seeds two to a peat pellet to insure that each pellet would have at least one plant, every single seed sprouted! So I gave half the plants to my friend, Judy, but to accommodate the twelve plants I have left (and that doesn’t count the six Big Beef plants that will go in the side yard barrels), I needed six more pots.

I went to Wal-Mart this morning and got six more pots for a little under $7 each (good price), brought them home, and then thought, “But do I really need to plant 18 tomato plants?!? Especially when I decided last year that about 10 plants was enough for the three of us, and 12 is enough to be able to give some away?”

But we will be having a number of guests this summer, what with a WEDDING and all(!!!), and we don’t know yet about Scott’s work, and I definitely want to keep Pastor Barb stocked (she really likes my homegrown tomatoes), and if I have too many I might be able to sell some (but do I really want to hassle with that? and who would buy them? etc.), so I finally decided to use only four of the new pots and maybe double up some of the plants or maybe give more to Judy, and oh, I will be ever so glad when the decisions have been made and the plants are planted and I don’t have to think about all this stuff!

I just want to get to that so very fun “water and cage and look for the first blossoms” stage.

But until then, I’ve got pots, even empty pots, and not a few.



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