Menu de la soirée

We had a Life Group leaders meeting here with a potluck dinner. I am absolutely terrible at planning group meals, parties, and such like that. I always just tell folks “bring whatever you want and it will be fine.” I’m not good at the theme thing or figuring out what goes with what, and I never know how to answer the eternal “what do you still need?” question.

So I decided to make a main dish (Ham and Hash Brown Casserole), a big salad (Susie’s Sunshine Chicken Salad), and a dessert (Judy Daniel’s Peach Cobbler). Georgie said she’d bring deviled eggs (they have lots of chickens) and fruit. Terryl said she’d bring her wonderful rolls, and Jessica hadn’t said what she’d bring. I figured we’d be OK.

Terryl walked in with rolls and a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. She was followed immediately by Jessica bearing an ultra-rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. This left us with one main dish, one salad and THREE desserts! No one complained about that. It was all quite tasty and no one left hungry.


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