Annual events

I have noticed that in mid-April, a number of things typically change around here.

As everyone knows, on April 15 we mail off our tax returns, but this year, it looks like on one or more of them (personal? business? federal? state? Thankfully, Scott knows.), we may not have to pay and/or may even get something back! That would be a very pleasant change.

Then there’s the fact that each year, I have to lotion my entire body every single day from about my birthday to tax day, so soon I will be able to drop that little taskette from my morning routine.

And April 15 is also about the time when we have to resume icing our tub butter. We don’t keep it in the fridge because it gets too hard to spread, and we don’t like that. Instead, we just leave it on the counter, and through the winter that works just fine, but once daytime temps are consistently in the 70s, we put a bowl of ice under it, and it’s my job to dump the water and re-ice it morning and evening.

It’s also getting very close to tomato planting time! The extension service says I’m supposed to wait till nighttime temps stay above 55, but I never patient enough to do that. Actually, I think it’s warm enough now, and the plants are “hardening off” out on the porch as I type, but I need to get a guy to help me haul all that potting soil from the smokehouse out to the front and get it dumped into the containers, and my schedule and the guys’ availabilities have not meshed well lately.

Finally, in other fun news, I hung our hummingbird feeders yesterday. The Missouri Department of Conservation says to hang them on about April 25, but in most areas of life, I like to do things ahead of time. The early bird gets the worm (or sugar water), right?

I do love spring! It is by far my favorite time of the year. Happy April 15 to one and all.


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