Suckers running

Every year in mid to late March, the suckers (a kind of fish) come up Bull Creek from Lake Taneycomo en masse, I suppose to spawn, and this year has been a bumper year for suckers. On a recent morning, the water just up from the bridge was BOILING with fish!

It’s been fun to watch the fishermen do their thing. Normally, the way to catch suckers is to put on your waders, set up your six-foot stepladder out in the middle of the creek, hang a 5-gallon bucket from a hook on the ladder, climb up, and gig (spear) ’em. I’ve seen some of that this year, but the other day I watched two good old boys standing on the bank in their cammo gear, line fishing for suckers. I kid you not, they would throw out their lines, wait no more than ten seconds, reel the fish in, take it off the hook, drop it in the bucket, and cast again. Those two guys were each steadily catching fish in under a minute apiece. Amazing!

The thing I don’t like about sucker season is that the anglers peel the skins off the fish and leave the skins in piles on the bank, or in the water right at the bank, hundreds of them. I think they should haul their trash off and bury it somewhere, rather than littering “my” creek and creek bank with it.


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