Duh heel bone connecta to duh. . .

Knee bone.

It was indeed gout in my left heel, and it did subside after a few days. Less than two weeks later, the inner side of my right knee began to ache, and by the time I figured out that that was gout too, the pain was so intense that I could NOT bend my knee at all.

(Do please note that a bum knee leaves one much more ambulatory than a bum heel. With the former, although the knee absolutely will not bend a degree one can hobble around stiff-legged, and can even drive, albeit illegally. With the latter, crutches are required.)

Thankfully, my doctor is available by email, and he agreed that it sounded like gout. He called out a prescription for a three-pill med regimen of colchicine. The instructions say to “take two tablets by mouth at the first sign of a gout flare, followed by one tablet one hour later. Well, I got the med three days after it flared, but I took it as directed (and thankfully had only one of the NUMEROUS and challenging side effects listed on its paperwork). Colchicine, combined with insanely high doses of Aleve and ibuprofen, began to bring relief in 48 hours, and I am about 87% back to normal now. However, this all means that I must reduce my uric acid – by hook or by crook – so I am eating less meat, and endeavoring to drink even more water. I feel like a sponge!

Once the inflammation and pain in the knee is totally gone, I am to start on a different daily med to lower my blood uric acid level. For six months. Sigh. But rather than resenting the meds, I am choosing to be thankful that God gave somebody the insight to come up with them and that they are working well to regulate various things in my body properly.



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