Primary pain

All along, I have liked Marco Rubio best, and I really wanted to vote for him.

I also like Ted Cruz and could be fine with him as our president.

I disagree with some of John Kasich’s policies, but he would obviously be much better than Hillary or Bernie.

I will not vote for Donald Trump.

My original plan had been to vote for Marco Rubio today, but because he had no chance of winning Missouri, and because Ted Cruz did have a chance (albeit a slim one), I voted for him instead.

Tonight, my main man lost Florida and, heartbroken for our nation, suspended his campaign. But the way things are looking now, I may still my get my wish to vote for Marco Rubio; if neither the Democrats nor Republicans can nominate acceptable candidates for the general election in November, I will with a good conscience write in Marco Rubio. And that wouldn’t be my first time to choose character (and conservative policy and common sense) over electability in the voting booth; I wrote in Alan Keyes in 2000.


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