Samurai squirrels

One day last week, I was looking out the window while washing dishes (Note: every kitchen sink should have a window above it.), and I saw something very funny. A squirrel was dancing on the upside-down lid of the bird seed can! I kid you not. We keep our bird seed, all 100 pounds of it, in a metal trash can with a metal lid. The lid has a metal handle, and we keep a big rock on the lid right next to the handle so that the squirrels can’t get it off. But the lid was off. It was upended on the floor of the smokehouse, right in the doorway, and since the handle kept it from lying flat, the squirrel was hopping around in it, dancing back and forth as the lid rocked. And each time it moved under him, he had a startled look on his face.

The sight was terribly humorous, and since it had clearly been caused by my main bird feeder filler having inadvertently left the lid off the can the last time he filled it, I went up to our Llama’s room, woke him, and told he simply had to come see something in the smokehouse.

Well, by the time he got to the window, the squirrel had completed his pirouettes and moved on, but Josiah claimed he had NOT left the lid off. And I seemed to remember watching him replace it a day or two earlier. . . To humor me, he did go out and refill the bird feeder (or “re-feed the bird filler,” as he and I like to say), and when he replaced the lid I watched him put the rock back on. This was midday on a given day.

Late the next morning, I found myself again in the kitchen and looking out the window. Imagine my surprise to see the lid off the can!!! There was a squirrel in the smokehouse, but he was not dancing on the lid. Jo went out again, replaced the lid, and put not one, but two large, very heavy rocks on it. He then told me that Andrew had told him that the around 11:00 the previous night, while watching a movie, he (Andrew) heard a loud metallic crash out back, in the vicinity of the smokehouse. We figure that crash was the work of our samurai squirrels. They must be serious body-builders. Either alone or in tandem, they are evidently strong enough to push one heavy rock off the lid, and then, while standing on the lid, pull it up and off. (It’s been a long time ago, but I did at one time see one squirrel standing on the lid and pulling up with all his might.)

So far, the heavily laden lid has not been removed. We shall see.


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