“Behold, I will do a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19, KJV)

So far, 2016 has been a year of several new things. This year, for the first time I have:

* Lost my credit card (at George Washington Carver National Monument; thankfully it was found and returned by a park ranger before I even realized it was gone)

* Had outpatient surgery (in Minnesota!)

* Attended a webinar (presented by Hope*writers)

And today I did something else for the very first time.

We have been banking at Bank #1 for at least 15 years. We currently have 16 accounts there. Yes, she did say SIXTEEN bank accounts! These include our family’s household account, our individual accounts (in some cases, two) for various family members, Scott’s consulting business account, his investment account, our ministry account, our health savings account, and accounts for our first three vacation rental homes. For reasons I’m not going to try to explain here, the account for our recently-purchased fourth vacation rental home is at Bank #2, and since I occasionally need to make purchases for the various houses, I was issued a debit card for that fourth house; I already had debit cards for the accounts of the first three houses.

With our having so many accounts, I actually have in my possession what can truly be described as a finer collection of debit cards, all but one from Bank #1, and with Bank #1, whenever I get a new or updated debit card – whether it’s handed to me by my personal banker (Yeah, Terri!!!) at our local branch or received “in a plain white envelope” in the mail – it’s always already activated, so my requisite to-do is. . . absolutely nothing. I just use the card. Simple.

But things seem to work differently at Bank #2. Both Scott’s and my debit cards for the fourth house’s account arrived in the mail, but there was a note with them that said that in order to activate them we had to either use them to make a PIN purchase or use them at an ATM. Lovely. Now, since Scott has always functioned as a most highly favored member of any organization of which he is a part: family, church, work, kingdom of God, etc., his card came with a PIN, and he was somehow able to re-set it to a memorable number and activate his card. However, I, being a mere mortal, was stuck with a card that was not activated and had no PIN. My PIN was supposed to come in the mail in two to three business days. Sigh.

My PIN did come on schedule, and it was, of course, a number I would never be able to remember, but in order to get it changed, I would have to go to an ATM and use the card. But truth be told, I had never used an ATM in my entire life! This would be something new and different. What exactly does one do at an ATM, anyway? Scott said I should ask for my account balance. I didn’t really have any reason to know or care about the account balance, but whatever. So I went to Bank #2’s drive thru and stuck my card in the ATM and followed the on-screen instructions and got a nifty little printout of my balance. That was fine, but what about my useless PIN? I called Scott from the ATM and asked him what to do. He didn’t know but said I could go in and ask them, which I did, and a very nice lady took my card, did something on her computer, handed it back to me, and told me to go to the ATM, and when it asked me for my PIN, enter whatever number I wanted it to be and then ask for my account balance; that should take care of it. So I did, and it did. And I now have two printouts of my account balance, and I have used an ATM for the first time twice in one day.  = )


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