Proofreader needed

Roberts Vacation Rentals just closed on a new house, and tonight at supper, when we were laughing about a certain word one of our kids misspelled years ago in a rather permanent place and which I therefore now see (and always smile about) on a weekly basis, Scott told us about another, more important misspelling. It seems that he had been reviewing information on homeowner’s insurance for the new house on Deep Forest, and when he keyed in its address, the insurance site said that that address doesn’t exist. Huh?!? Well, evidently when the developers set up the subdivision, they spelled that street name “Deep Forrest,” and nobody noticed or corrected the error! Velly intellesting. This might finally explain why, for the four-plus years we have owned the Reunion Rendezvous, also located on Deep Forest, we have consistently had to tell our renters, “Please use our printed directions to to the house. Do not use your GPS, because it will send you to some other place halfway across the county!”

It’s obvious that the world needs more copy editors.


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