On seeing and hearing

I am being greeted pummeled by this concept from three different sources in less than 24 hours, so maybe it’s something God wants me to understand and receive. I will share it with you here.

Scott and I went on a unique date Saturday night. I wanted to go out to eat and “do something fun.” Scott wanted to go to the Rendezvous (our vacation rental home that is currently vacant ’cause this is the off-season) and sit in the hot tub. He also wanted to watch a movie, preferable “Woodlawn.”

I don’t particularly like hot tubs, but when something is important to Scott, I am becoming determined to do it cheerfully. I am also not a fan of movies (I often can’t follow the plot, have a hard time sitting in certain positions for a long time, and/or tend to fall asleep), but again, if Scott wanted to watch a movie, that would be a small thing I could do to make him happy. But in the spirit of doing something “fun,” I suggested that we watch the movie while in the hot tub! Scott thought this was a great idea, and we commenced to prepare.

First, he sent me to Wal-Mart to buy the movie, and let me just say that it is emphatically NOT SMART to go to Wal-Mart late in the afternoon, even in the off-season. It is less smart to go to Wal-Mart in the late afternoon on a Saturday, and it is significantly stupider to enter Wal-Mart at 5:30 P.M. on Saturday, February 13. The place was packed and absolutely crawling with males of all ages carrying around little vases and cards and stuffed bears and boxes of candy; they completely filled all the express check-out lanes.

Furthermore, simply locating one’s desired movie at Wal-Mart is an exercise in frustration, and surely you know by now that in my life, I am NEVER looking for extra frustration. Wal-Mart has two racks of all-kid movies (I didn’t bother with those) and an innumerable collection of other racks, circular displays, end-caps, and various stands holding movies. These movies are not grouped by vintage, genre, title, price, popularity, or any other discernible pattern. They are just a lot of movies. Period. While I knew I was looking for “Woodlawn,” I had no idea what the box looked like or even what color it was. So I called Scott, twice, and both times, my call was forwarded. Sheesh! I did FINALLY and completely by chance find the movie. I paid for it and left the pink-encrusted store (where the Valentine aisles were being converted to Easter aisles, even as I stood in line!) as quickly as possible.

Second, we packed what we would need: swimsuits and towels, Scott’s computer and massive monitor, his mouse and the movie, clean underwear and deodorant, popcorn and water bottles, etc. We ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant and headed to the Rendezvous.

With some effort, My Hero got everything set up, and we settled into the hot tub to enjoy our movie. However, there was one problem. We couldn’t figure out how to turn off the bubbling of the hot tub! Of course, the hot water felt good – especially because it was about 30 degrees and windy out! – but even with the volume on Scott’s computer turned up all the way, and even leaning forward toward it, we couldn’t hear the audio well enough to really understand what we were seeing on the movie.  = {  We ended up having to move into the family room and watch it on the TV there.

That was Saturday night.

Sunday morning, as we were heading out the door to church, we suddenly got word that our service had been cancelled because freezing rain was forecast during church, which could make driving home afterwards treacherous. Also, the sanctuary heater was not working, and the temp in there was about 45 degrees. Sigh. But we were all dressed up and ready to go, and we wanted to participate in some good worship and hear a good sermon, so we went to a different church in town. That pastor’s sermon was titled “Hidden in Plain Sight,” and one of his key points was that the battle for my eyes (walking by faith and not by sight) is won through – of all things – my ears (the “voices,” within or without that I choose to believe). So, in situations that are difficult or painful for me, and I do face several of those, it’s vitally important for me to focus more on what God says than on what I see in front of me.

That was Sunday morning.

Sunday after lunch I read Jessica’s latest blog post, which you can read here, and in it she said (bold emphasis mine), “Eve made a decision about eating from the tree of knowledge based on her eyes, not on what God said. . . Never mind that God had given her and Adam a very dire warning about what would happen if they ever ate from that tree. Disregarding what God said, Eve made a fatal decision based on what she saw, and every generation afterwards has suffered the consequences of her wrong choice.”


Three times in one day I am hammered with this same principle? From a hot tub, a sermon, and a daughter? Seriously?!? I am beginning to get the distinct impression that in several areas of my life I REALLY need to look up, write down, remind myself of, and meditate on what God says. I need to hear his answer and focus on that, instead of focusing on the problem in front of me that I can’t avoid seeing.

OK, God, I hear you. And I think I get your point.


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