Same song, second verse

As I started walking this morning, I saw a red pick-up truck parked by the gas pumps at the Casa de Luz. No one was in the truck.

Just past the Cas de Luz, I noticed quite a few pieces of plastic of various colors strewn along the shoulder.

On my return to the house, in the grass right by the Coffee Road sign, my incredible powers of perception enabled to me spy a – you guessed it – dead deer. Sigh.

When I mentioned this situation to Andrew, he said that last night, while we were away on a date, he had heard that truck hit that deer, and had seen the driver wait for a while for someone to come pick him (the driver, sadly not the deer) up. That made it all make sense, and when I looked more closely at the truck, I saw that its front end was rather beat up, and some of the turn signal and headlight cover plastic was partially shattered, probably the result of a sudden and forceful impact with a fairly large mammal.

After church, I did what any responsible citizen would do. I sent the following text to Tracy (wife of Erick of carcass extrication fame). “Hi Tracy, I’m wondering if your husband might be interested in starting a dead-deer-dumping business.  = )  This morning another one greeted me in the grass by the Coffee Road sign! If he’s willing, let me know what he’d charge for such service.”

To which she promptly replied, “Ha-ha! I will let him know it’s down there. We are going up to [another location] to pick up deer cams and will pick it up on the way. . . We will grab it in the next hour or so.”

So I fully expect Dead Deer #2 to have mysteriously disappeared by tomorrow morning.


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