The most amazing surgery story ever – part 4 (conclusion)

(January 21, 2016 “Ready to start home”)

In an hour, we leave the hotel for a follow-up appt. with Dr. Shibley, and then on to the airport. Scott will be arranging wheelchairs and early boarding for us, so all should be fine. I will be lazy and continue to be treated like a queen.  = )

I feel good – no pain when sitting or lying down, but a little bit when getting into and out of those positions. Walking (I’ve been doing two laps of the hall each hour when I’m awake) is just a little bit uncomfortable, I think mainly because my clothes brushing against my steri-strips is slightly irritating. In the privacy of our room I can keep my incision site uncovered, but I’m pretty sure the hotel would frown upon a public display of my purple smiley face. My digestive system is once again happy.

I am quite tired, which is to be expected. I haven’t been sleeping very well at night, although a Percocet at bedtime did buy me four straight hours of sleep last night. But I can fall asleep sitting down at any time; like hopefully on a plane!

Please pray for all the usual things involved in flying, especially since we will once again be in violation of several of “Katie’s Rules of Air Travel.”

My guess is that when we arrive home, I will be ready for bed, so I may not deal with sending an email tonight to say we made it. Just assume all is well, and thanks SO much for taking time to pray so faithfully for us.


Patty, who is pretty sure it’s time for another nap  = )


(January 21, 2106 “Home!”)

It’s 9:20 PM Thursday and we are home!

Due to our flight being delayed out of Minneapolis because our plane had to be de-iced, we ended up having a rather tight connection in Chicago. We made it – thanks to a nice young man who wheeled me from concourse K to concourse G – but my checked bag did not. It will be delivered Friday morning.

So God has answered ALL those very specific prayer requests, and we are both so, so, so very blessed.

I’m tired and a little sore, but ibuprofen and heating pads are my friends.  = )

The doc today said everything is wonderful, all my pathology (lots of fibroids) was negative, and I should continue to feel better each day. I can resume normal activity as tolerated, but am supposed to mainly rest, walk daily, and drink a lot (of water!) for two weeks.

Thank you all and good night.


(January 26, 2016 “Update, 7 days post-surgery”)

Several of you have called, emailed, or texted to ask how I’m doing, and the short answer is GREAT!!!! I have been working on an editing project and year-end ministry donation receipts and various parenting matters, and I am sorry that I haven’t yet been able to reply to you individually. I very much appreciate your prayers and interest!

I’ve not taken anything for pain (not even ibuprofen) the past couple days, and I only have mild discomfort when bending and when getting in and out of certain positions. Hence I avoid bending and stay where I’m comfortable.  = )

Mostly, I tire easily and there are times when I just want to sit and do nothing, so I do. I am able to walk, climb stairs, and do most normal things. I’m not driving yet, but plan to drive just a bit on Thursday. I’m also not doing normal housework (laundry, washing dishes, cleaning), so either the guys or doing it or it just doesn’t get done. I am OK with that. Our church and other friends have been bringing us meals and that has been a HUGE blessing.

My main prayer request is to be able to sleep at night. The first night home, I slept 10:30 PM to 8:00 AM, but since then, it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to fall asleep (no exaggeration), and then I wake up about every two hours and can’t fall back asleep. Even an Rx sleeping med doesn’t seem to work, and I am getting pretty desperate to sleep four or five hours straight at night, and eight would be even better. I think when I can get back to my regular morning walks, that will help a lot, but I just don’t have the energy to walk for exercise yet.

Thank you for asking and for praying!


(February 5, 2016 “Update, 17 days post-surgery”)

One of my friends asked how I’m doing, and that made me think it would be good to update all of you at once. In short, I’m doing great and thanks for praying!

I am basically back to full speed, with the exception of resting – and sometimes falling sound asleep – for about an hour each day in the early afternoon. I’ve resumed my morning walking, but not yet as far or as fast as formerly. I’m doing two of my usual four laps now and plan to be back up to four laps in a couple more weeks.

I’ve been having night sweats each night; please don’t bother to try this at home. Just take my word for it that they are decidedly not recreational. I had thought for sure that I was done with such stuff when our bed-wetting child finally outgrew the habit, but maybe the repeat physical situation of dealing effectively with wet sheets while semi-asleep at 55 is something akin to the repeat parental situation of dealing effectively with toddler-hood’s defiance in a teenager!

I have no pain at all; just some mild fatigue, and. . . rejoice with me. . . I have not bled at all in 14 days!!!!!  I’ll have a follow-up appt with my PCP next week (at 3 weeks post) at which I expect I’ll be released for full activity of all kinds, without restriction. [NOTE: I did have that appointment and that is exactly what happened. My PCP was AMAZED at my recovery!]

So far, our out-of-pocket expenses for the whole deal have totaled $400, and Medi-Share sent us a check for $500 ($100/day to cover our incidental expenses for food, car rental, etc. during our five-day foray into the Arctic), AND they told us we shouldn’t be receiving any medical bills [we haven’t] and who to call if we do, AND they have reduced our family’s monthly “share” (premium), which is normally $400, to something like $125 for March, April, and May. We are SO BLESSED!!!

I know that God has powerfully answered your prayers for me.  I am grateful to him and to you, and I am humbled.

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