The most amazing surgery story ever – part 2

(January 17, 2016 “In the frozen tundra”)

We had a great day of travel and are settled in a very nice, warm hotel room in greater Minneapolis. Outside, the temp is -6 with a 10 mph wind. It is definitively colder than cold.

Monday afternoon we will meet with the surgeon. Till then, we will be alternately relaxing and working. We have a great desk in our room with two work stations, plus a couch, fridge, and king bed. We are most blessed.

Thank you for your prayers for us. I have much more peace than a few days ago; I can surely tell people are praying.


(January 18, 2016 “Favor that’s almost unbelievable!”)

We just met with Dr. Shibley, who will be doing my surgery tomorrow. I am really overwhelmed at God’s goodness. Not only is Medi-Share covering all my medical expenses and all our travel expenses (they paid our airfare and hotel, and gave us a perdiem for food and car rental), it seems that they have scheduled my surgery with one of the premier and cutting edge (no pun intended) hysterectomy surgeons in the country. He is the doc who developed the procedure that my former GYN in Springfield was going to use!

Dr. Shibley spent quite a bit of time with us, answered ALL our questions – you know I had many – and explained how and why the whole Bridge Health system works. In short, it seems to be a way to get around the whole terrifically expensive “big insurance” system and give patients higher-quality care with top-notch doctors at lower costs. This is a very good thing, and God is working it all out for me! I am humbled.

I am also amazed to hear about ALL the people who are praying for me – a friend in Virgina, the local Presbyterian church choir, a Sunday school class in Florida, etc. I want you to know that God is steadily answering all those prayers. He is amazing, and he is using all of you. Thank you so much!

I’m now enjoying a lovely diet of strawberry jello and white grape peach juice and anticipating all to go well tomorrow. Dr. Shibley expects to do the entire procedure through one, one-inch incision in my navel. Amazing! I told him this is approaching Dr. McCoy’s techniques for surgery on Star Trek.  = )
I truly appreciate your prayers.
(January 19, 2016 “Surgery COMPLETED!”)

Praise God! Praise God!! Praise God!!! Praise God!!!!


Five hours ago, I had a hysterectomy, and now I am back in our hotel room, comfortable (Percocet is a wonderful drug), a bit unsteady on my feet (Percocet is a powerful drug), and coherent enough to type an email.

I had The Most Awesome medical care imaginable.

We arrived at 11:00, and the nurses, doctor, and anesthesiologist explained everything and answered all our questions. Surgery started at 1:00, I was in recovery at 2:30, and I was discharged at 5:00.

There is not a way that things could have gone more smoothly or easily. At every single step of the way, God arranged for things to work in my favor – from getting a tough IV started on only the second attempt, to the right cocktail of anesthesia meds given at the right times (I was worried about that because I’ve had anesthesia difficulties in the past), to my being unconscious for the parts of the procedure that most concerned me, to the surgery going perfectly (with my being able to retain all the parts we wanted to retain), to Scott being allowed into the recovery room with me (against policy, but requested by Yours Truly to alleviate my anxiety) to EXCELLENT post-op nursing care, to a smooth ride “home” – we are blessed beyond our imagination.

Current prayer requests are:

1.  Safety for Andrew who is not yet (7:00 PM) home from school, due to the roads being slick.  He expects to get a ride with a friend (parents of friend driving, thankfully) to the friend’s house, where he will probably spend the night.

2.  Pain to be managed well. I have Percocet if needed, but Dr. Shibley said many patients only need ibuprofen (!!!), so I’d like to go that route as much as possible.

3.  My digestive system to get with the program ASAP.

Thank you again for your prayers!


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