Confession of a first ever event

On our camping trip this weekend, I am pretty sure I did something I have never, ever done before.  I slept in a camper with air conditioning running, full blast, max cold.  We have had this camper for a couple years.  In that time, evidently on some male-only trips, people have used the A/C, but in the four or five times I have camped in it, I had not.  Until Labor Day 2015.

It was hot at home and similarly hot at Buffalo Point.  In addition, it was humid.  Possibly approaching Hong Kong humid.

Now our “new” camper is definitely a luxury model.  Well, I thought so until I saw the Whittakers’.  SWEET GEORGIA PEACHES!!!  And they got theirs for either a little less than (my memory) or a little more than (Scott’s memory) ours.  It’s massive and it takes three steps to climb up into.  It has a full kitchen, including sink with hot and cold running water, fridge, pantry, microwave, cook top, and oven.  It does not have a dishwasher, however.  It has a living room couch that pops out into a bed, a kitchen table that makes into another bed, a bedROOM with a door enclosing a king-size bed, and three bunk beds with a closet.  It has carpet in the “living room,” which slides out on a motor.  It has a bathroom, heat, A/C, and an outside shower.  And LOADS of storage within and without.  It is quite lovely in every way, but for me personally, it’s not camping.  I’m sure it has more square footage than Katie’s apartment, and a person, a couple, or even a small family could easily live in it full time.

In fact, for me personally, our own camper isn’t really camping, but we call it camping and we like it.  Actually, our camper really is luxurious compared to our pop-up and certainly to a tent.  But just like I categorically refuse to do the pee-in-the-camper’s-bathroom thing, until four nights ago, I also didn’t do the run-the-camper’s-A/C thing.  I mean, sweating and running a fan is just part of the experience, right?

It was SO hot and SO humid that I relented, and I’m glad I did.  The only minor problem was that with our configuration, Scott sleeps on the part of our queen bed that is maximally distant from the A/C, so it’s really hard to get it cool enough for him to be comfortable.  The air just doesn’t blow back there.

On Sunday night, our friends took Andrew with them to the drive-in movie in Marshall, and Scott and I had a nice evening alone, and we decided to crank the A/C down really low to get it as cool as possible before turning in.  Sitting at our “kitchen” table, which is located directly under the A/C unit, and playing pinochle (and be it noted that Yours Truly scored 1220 to My Hero’s 1210 – HA!), we got so cold in our shorts and T-shirts that we both put on sweatshirts!  And then Scott had to put a sleeping bag over his legs!  It had to be 90 outside, but it was probably 64 inside and we were freezing.  We even put two blankets on our bed.

But it all worked well, and we were very thankful for the air conditioning. . . even though I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it.


1 Response to “Confession of a first ever event”

  1. 1 Josiah Roberts September 9, 2015 at 4:27 am

    I have a similar relationship with A/C. Life in Niger is just too difficult in every other arena – when I have the opportunity, I crank up the A/C.

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