So far, so good!

After his third day of at least semi-normal high school, Andrew said with a huge grin, “I really, really, really love school!”  = )

I think the thing he really likes the most is just getting to be around other kids All. Day. Long.  For him, spending one full day with other kids is a cause for celebration, so getting to do it five days a week is simply above and beyond.  this evening (Friday) he said he wishes it were Monday so he could go back to school.  I’m pretty sure that’s not because of his deep and intimate love of academics!

Trinity Christian Academy is quite small; there are five other 10th graders, three boys and two girls.  But so far, he likes most of his teachers and nearly all the high school kids, and he thinks his classes won’t be too hard.  All students take the same courses, and as a sophomore, his are:

8:15 AM:  Whole school (K-12) assembly

1st hour:  World History

2nd hour:  Spanish – all 3 Spanish levels (grades 7-12) meet together; he’s in Spanish 1

3rd hour:  Biology

4th hour:  Geometry


5th hour:  Music – all high schoolers together

6th hour:  English

7th hour:  Bible – four days a week, all high school males; Wednesdays, whole school chapel

8th hour:  P.E. – two days a week, all high school males (as an athlete, he does basketball for P. E.)

8th hour:  Personal Finance – three days a week, all high school males

Each “hour” is actually 45 minutes long, and following the 8:15 assembly for prayer, pledges, and announcements, classes run from 8:30 to 3:21.  His school day will expand in a few weeks when the basketball team begins daily after-school practices till 4:00 or 5:00.


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