Teen parenting tip

How to get your newly licensed teen driver to arrive home promptly at the agreed-upon time?

Institute the ACME tried-and-true “Vacation Rental Guest Departure Plan!”

One item on the rental agreement our guests sign says that if they are not out by 10:00 AM, they will be charged a dollar a minute for every minute they are late.  We do this because when it’s a quick turn (one set of guests leaving at 10:00 AM and another set arriving at 4:00 PM), our very capable cleaners – of which Andrew is one – have only six hours to immaculately clean every detail of a five- or six-bedroom luxury home, and they need every possible minute to do that.

Well, when Andrew had an hour and half to shower, get dressed, eat, and arrive at church (six minutes from home) by 9:50 AM, and he showed up at 9:57 AM, I simply told him that since he was late and didn’t call, I’d treat him the way we treat our guests, and he owed me $7.00.  He didn’t argue.  He just said, “OK.”

And when I told him the next day that he needed to be home from work (cleaning one and-a-half vacation rental homes) by 5:20 PM at the latest in order to shower, change, eat, and go to his school’s pre-semester open house, he said he’d be there, and he arrived at exactly 5:18 PM!

I like the ACME plan.  = )


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