New (or at least additional) job description

Andrew will be embarking on a grand adventure when he begins school as a sophomore at Trinity Christian Academy next month.  I think his main goal right now is to make friends, fit in, and be accepted by his new set of peers, and one thing that I believe is facilitating that process is his participation on the TCA basketball team.

He’s never played on an organized basketball team before, although he did have some basic instruction and practice when he was attending our local homeschool co-op, Veritas Enrichment.  He’s in pretty good physical shape and he likes basketball, but he’s been a bit short on experience.  This summer is giving him lots of basketball opportunities.

In addition to shooting at our (in his words rather dilapidated) goal out back – and his coach wants him to take 500 shots a day! – for several weeks, they have had 1.5 hour practices three afternoons a week.  Initially these were at the school gym in Hollister, but later at the Branson RecPlex.  Andrew’s been to most of those.

The team, TCA Eagles, has also participated in a “shoot-out” competition on several Thursday mornings in June and July, only one of which Andrew’s been able to attend so far, but it looks good for his playing some next week (July 16).  Now, I am not a very well-informed mom when it comes to athletics, so I had to learn what a shoot-out is.  It’s a three-day deal where teams from all over the area come together and play a dizzying schedule of short games (two 15-minute halves). The TCA team typically plays only two games on Thursdays. but there are games going on all day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The one I attended a few weeks ago was in the Branson (Hilton) convention center, which has three full courts side-by-side in one huge, extremely well-air conditioned (read: freeze your ever-lovin’ buns off!) room. There are one, two, or three games going at a time, and for a nominal fee, one can sit court-side and shiver and watch.  Most teams had ten or so players there, so they would play five guys for a while and then switch off; it looked like each team usually played its varsity (bigger, more experienced) guys against each other and then its junior varsity (smaller, less experienced) guys against each other.  We lost both games I watched, but Andrew did get to play for several minutes, and though he didn’t shoot and therefore didn’t score, he focused on rebounding and seemed to learn a lot.  That means he was teachable, and for a Roberts, that can be a significant achievement.  I was really proud of him for “getting in amongst it.”

This week, one of the dads took his vacation time to host a two-hour basketball clinic at 8:00 AM each morning at the school gym.  Unlike the Branson convention center, that single-court sized air space is not air conditioned at all, so in the middle of the summer, early mornings are really the only times to enter it and live.  Andrew has especially liked the basketball clinic and stated that he wishes it would keep going, because “It’s a fun way to start my day.”  They’ve mainly drilled a lot on fundamentals – ball handling, dribbling, etc. – but the past couple days they have also scrimmaged, five-on-five or three-on-three, and he grinned when he told me  he’s made some shots.  He said that today the other guys also found out he was a gymnast, so he turned a round-off, double back handspring, back tuck that really wowed them.  I asked if he told them he plays the piano, too, and he said, “No, not yet.  I want to impress them gradually.”

That’s probably smart.

I never was a soccer mom, but maybe now I am working my way toward becoming a basketball mom.  = )


2 Responses to “New (or at least additional) job description”

  1. 1 LexisLogike July 10, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    “Basketball mom” … we never could be normal, could we? 🙂

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