Going, going, gone

As you know, I check the level of the creek every morning by studying my water rock.  This is an important daily task, as I feel an obligation to always be ready to give Scott an answer for why I will or will not float on a given day.  (I refuse to float when my water rock indicates a “scoot and drag” day.)

Imagine my consternation when, a few mornings ago, I looked down at the water rock and could not find it!  It seems that it was WASHED AWAY in the torrential rain last weekend.  That’s an impressive statement; my water rock probably weighed some 150 pounds.

Not only was my beloved water rock carried away to parts unknown, the creek road was mightily torn up.  It’s down to bedrock in many places and only barely drivable in the Durango, and that very slowly.  We walked down there tonight and saw all kinds of debris (or DER-briss, as my dad humorously pronounced it when we were kids) washed up.  The gravel bars have been relocated, you can see where the water was probably three feet over the low water bridge, and the entire contour of the creek bed has been altered in many places.

Truly amazing the power of moving water. . .

But now we need to find a new way to easily determine daily floatability. Scott and I talked about this and about the pressure I feel to have accurate information for him each and every day.  Get this!  He decided that since he walks on the creek road each morning when he prays, he would take over that task, noting the depth at the dip behind Bill and LaShell’s, instead of at the highway bridge, as has been my custom.  He is even considering inserting an unused tomato stake – or perhaps just a rush pole – in an inconspicuous location so he can readily note how high the water is or isn’t.

This is a truly wonderful turn of events for me, and the fact that he volunteered makes it even better.  As of today, I no longer carry the responsibility for analyzing and reporting the creek depth, and I am already LOVING my new sense of freedom!


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