Proving September’s claim to fame

Today I wrote my June birthday and anniversary cards.  True confession:  I do my cards a month at a time.  It’s important to me to acknowledge my friends’ and family’s special days, but it just doesn’t work well for me to write each card the day before it needs to be mailed.  Instead, once a month – usually on or about the 25th, but you can see that I am quite late this time – I pull out all my supplies and write a bunch of cards at once.

Andrew was doing a lot of schoolwork in the dining room today, so I hauled my stuff (shoebox of cards and envelopes rubber-banded together by style/gender/age types, 10 colored gel pens, calendar, computer for addresses, two types of return address labels, two types of stamps, small post-it notes, black pen) down there and fell to with a vigor.

Now, I think my family thinks I’m overzealous about this, but sending cards is something that I really enjoy doing.  It’s one of those beavish/ministerial activities that is both energizing for me and encouraging to others, so given that, what’s to lose but a little time?  Or, in the case of today, a lot of time, but since I had to be in the dining room anyway, I thought I made excellent use of my being there for so long.

All the pertinent birthdays and anniversaries are written in red on my calendar.  That would be the Monster Grid print calendar that hangs on the office wall above my desk.  First, I pick out the best possible card for the person and write something special and encouraging on it with a gel pen that color-coordinates well with the card. Then I address the envelope in matching ink and set both aside for a minute to dry while I do the next one.  Then the first one gets stuffed into its envelope, and this process is repeated till all the cards for the whole month are done.  Next I apply return address labels.  I like birthday cake ones for birthdays and heart ones for anniversaries.  = )  Stamps go on next, “Celebrate” stamps for birthdays and heart or “Love” stamps for anniversaries.

At this point I go through and seal the envelopes for the cards going to people I won’t see in person before their special day.  The others I leave open, so that if something notable happens in that person’s life before the card is mailed, I can add to the note on the card.  I mean, I don’t want it to seem like the card was insensitively written several weeks in advance, now do I?

Next comes my ultra-fun beavish task.  I pick up a card, look at the name on it, find that person’s date on the calendar, figure out which day it needs to be mailed in order to arrive on the day of or the day before, and apply a sticky note to the envelope with that day and date, for example THURS 6/18.  I then stack all the cards in dated order, and stand them up in a little basket on my desk.  Before I leave my desk for the day, I pick up all the cards that will go out the next day, pull out and re-read the unsealed ones (so that if the person says something to me at church about the card they got, I will at least remember that it had a dog riding a motorcycle on it – or whatever), seal them all, and put them in out-going mail so I will remember to put them in the mailbox first thing the next morning.

I must say that completing a month’s worth of cards is very satisfying, and the project today was even more so because of the sheer volume of cards.  There were 22!!!  And only seven of them were anniversaries!!  That means that just in our own family’s circle of friends, there were 15 birthdays in June!  And that means that September is obviously the sexiest month of the year.  = )


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