Cooking spree?!?

For one who tends to use words stronger than “dislike” in the same sentence with “cooking,” that’s rather surprising.  However, I have learned that most of the time that I, for no known reason, find myself marathon cooking, it ends up that some major thing occurs that makes it tough to cook, and I’m very glad I did.  Therefore, I am now wondering what on earth is around the corner that I can’t yet see!  = {

I have taken to freezing meals in square foil pans.  For many, many years, I used the half steamer size (roughly 9×13), but with just the three of us most nights, the eight-inch square works better.  And, if I do need to feed a crowd, I can combine two of those batches in a 9×13 pretty easily.  The problem is that when I do go on a cooking binge, I end up with LOTS of meals of the same thing.  I believe the cellar freezer currently holds:

Chicken enchiladas (5)

Red beans (1)

Saucy cheesy bake (4)

Hot chicken salad (4)

Chili (2, plus a bag batch for an upcoming camping trip)

Creamy noodle casserole (1)

And in other news, I had to take the trailer to our mechanic to have them fix the lights.  The last time we went floating, none of the lights on the trailer (loaded with kayaks) were working.  For a moderate fee, Aaron took care of the problem, but I had to sit there in the waiting room for a little over an hour.

I don’t watch much TV except for Jeopardy! at lunch and short segments of an occasional ball game – Cardinals or Red Sox only.  But the TV in the waiting room was on and above my control, so during my stay, I was unavoidably inundated with the last part of the Dr. Phil show and nearly all of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Dr. Phil seemed fairly innocuous.  His questioning of the interviewee (a murderer about to stand trial) was OK, but I just couldn’t see the point of doing such an interview in the first place.  Ms. DeGeneres, on the other hand, gets two thumbs down and a full, four-finger gag.  Sick.  Truly sick humor.  If these are representative offerings of daytime television, I can now rest assured I have missed absolutely nothing of value.


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