Remix OK, but not nearly as fun as the original

I am in the midst of having some dental work done.  It seems that many of my fillings (some of them very deep and wide) are crumbling apart.  Our new dentist doesn’t know why this is.  They are admittedly old – some of them possibly as old as 20+ years – but to have them simply flake apart is mysterious. In conjunction with the fillings themselves failing and needing to be replaced, in numerous places my teeth have decayed (in some places extensively and in one case nearly to the nerve) under and behind said fillings, necessitating. . . are you ready? . . . Yes.  Five crowns and a host of fillings.  The dentist we have retained to do all this work is supposedly one of the best in our area, and he is super polite, super fast, and super thorough.  He does his work with excellence, and so far (after three hours in the chair and one crown and two fillings down), I am quite pleased. Even so, all things considered, I’d really rather just play the old Five Crowns game; the one where the kings go wild.


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