Chuck squared

I went to take an afternoon walk by the creek today, and just as I headed down the little hill on Blansit, I heard something scuttling through the leaves on the ground.  I figured it was a squirrel and stopped to look.  Paused, and looking into the undergrowth, I suddenly saw something brown and furry less than ten feet away.  A medium-sized groundhog (woodchuck) was looking up at me!  I was so surprised, I said, “Well, hi!” and the fellow froze for a moment and then shambled off. . . with his companion!!!  There were two of them side by side!  I always call a groundhog “Chuck,” so I wasn’t sure how to refer to the second one.  There’s the groundhog I used to see across the road from Stockstill Park, and the groundhog I frequently see in the grassy area above the creek at Skyline Baptist, and, of course, there used to be the groundhog that lived under our shop building out back – before Scott had the underpinning replaced with metal. . . but no matter where I see a groundhog, I always say, “Look!  There’s Chuck.”  I wonder if the second one was his mate.  Should I call her “Charlotte?”  Or “Chick?”  Or is it okay to just call them both “Chuck?”

In any case, two groundhogs together was a cause for rejoicing!


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