Defining my term

chauffeur  [shohfur
noun.  a person employed to drive a car or limousine that transports paying passengers.
verb (used without object).  to work as a chauffeur

The Durango is not a limousine, but I am definitely a chauffeur, although chauffeur is not so much who I am as what I do.

I drive.

Andrew is currently cleaning one of our vacation rental homes.  He doesn’t yet have his driver’s license, so I am driving him to and from the house.  It’s 18 miles (20 minutes) each way, which makes for 72 miles (nearly 1.5 hours) total.  He pays us for that gas, and since Scott and I have agreed that my time is also worth some money, Andrew is also paying me for my time to shuttle him.  The cleaning job is fairly lucrative.  He is paid by the job, so there is incentive for him to finish as quickly as possible.  Today it took him five hours, and I find that to be pretty impressive.  I am quite sure that I could not begin to clean a five-bedroom, three-bath, luxury home from top to bottom in five hours!  Shoot, I can’t even get our own home clean in a whole lot more hours than that.  The people who clean our other vacation rental homes are in their 40s.  I’m really proud of the job our 15 year-old son is doing!


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