Simply unbelievable

One of our cleaners went to clean one of our vacation rental homes on Thursday afternoon.  I was in the area, and she called me to tell me it was pretty bad and to please “come and see.”  Which I did, and I was appalled.  There is really no way to describe what these guests did to this house, but I will say that it normally takes an average of seven man hours to clean it, but it took 32 man hours to get this place into decent shape for the guests arriving the next day.  All three of our cleaners worked like crazy until 2:00 a.m., and the list of issues, damages, and problems (which I numbered in an excel spreadsheet) came to 58.

Word to the wise who frequent vacation rental homes:  If you’re REALLY out to get your friendly vacation rental home owner, try throwing food against the walls; pouring coke on beds and a recliner; dumping ALL the pieces from ALL the games and puzzles (together) all over the floor, into various drawers and cabinets, and out in the yard; drizzling syrup down the kitchen blinds; breaking the dispose-all and the upholstered dining room bench; doing a spray painting project on a dresser; ruining numerous pans and baking supplies by burning food onto them; leaving a great deal of raw and/or bloody food in the fridge; and flecking and/or dripping bright red nail polish liberally throughout the house on bedding, furniture, and a jacuzzi tub.

Suffice it to say that our cleaners and our handyman are the very, very best!

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