The world isn’t flat, and neither is the carpet

My mom came home from the hospital today.  She’s been there for over two weeks, following a collapse that caused a broken ankle.  She had three surgeries in four days (one cardiac “procedure,” one minor surgery, and one major orthopedic surgery), and when you are eighty and not too terribly spry to begin with, that can really zap your strength.  She’s also had something like 10 days of rehab therapy, which I understand has been both helpful and exhausting.

She’s got a 15-pound cast on her ankle/foot and she can’t bear any weight on that foot for at least six weeks.  Their home is one level, but all entrances require several steps, so Dad built a ramp in the garage to get her into the house in her wheelchair.  That was fine, but once inside, the challenges began.

While she had been able to negotiate a bit with the walker and wheelchair in the rehab unit (which had hard floors and wide doors), at home she can’t really move either one alone on the carpet.  And the bathroom doors which have been just dandy for 40 years will accommodate the walker only with difficulty and the wheelchair not at all.

So it sounds like they are somewhat discouraged but also determined to figure out how to make things work.  I may be going down to help them for a while (they live several hours away), and I know that God has grace for what appears to be a difficult situation.  It hurts to know that they are having a tough time, but I am still very thankful that Mom’s five months of collapses were finally diagnosed and treated (she needed a pacemaker, which is now in and working well), and that she has had good medical care these past couple weeks.

If anyone happens to have any creative ideas on adjustments that might make it easier for Mom to get around (hopefully without ripping up carpet or removing walls) please let me know.


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