To the tune of “Three Coins in the Fountain”

“Three dogs in the stroller,
Each one furry, gazing out,
Pushed by one older woman
Who won’t let them walk about.”

This afternoon found me back in the Taney County Tire and Towing waiting area for a few minutes, being treated to more TV-for-people-with-no-brains, this time “Dr. Phil.”  While I sat there, somewhat disgusted by both the on-screen activities and our “new” car situation, in walked a 60ish woman, pushing a stroller.  I saw her come in to the main area and made a mental note that 60ish women aren’t usually seen pushing strollers; maybe this one was babysitting or raising a grandbaby.

Imagine my surprise when she wheeled her blue, three-wheeled stroller into the waiting area and I saw that it contained not one, not two, but three. . . DOGS!  Yes, she brought her dogs to the car repair.

They were very cute – maybe Yorkies? – long-haired terrier types and extremely well-behaved.  They just sat in their “PetGear” stroller, not moving, not barking, not whining, just looking around and smiling; one of them gazing longingly up at the small window.

Every now and again, something happens that makes me think, “Now I’ve seen it all!”  and three dogs in a stroller was definitely it for today.



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