Amazing quote

For about as long as we’ve been a family – and at least for as long as we’ve had kids who could walk – we have had a family rule that goes like this:  “If you make a mess, you should clean it up.”  Some family members adhere more stringently to that rule than others.

A few days ago, I cleaned out the microwave.  I do this at least once and sometimes twice a week.  It involves removing and washing the rotating glass plate, taking out the little plastic support gizmo that the plate sits on, heating a damp, soapy washcloth in the microwave for 20 seconds, letting it sit there for about five minutes, wiping the crud off the six inner surfaces, and putting it back together.  It’s not one of my more difficult tasks, but for some reason it is one my more distasteful ones.  That might be because while there are several family members using the microwave, I am fairly sure I am the only one who ever cleans it. . .


So I cleaned the microwave at about 10:00 AM, and at about 7:00 PM, I opened it and saw that someone had exploded food all over the inside of said.  That was rather discouraging.  My cleanliness hadn’t even lasted 24 hours!  I even knew who the culprit was, because I could see the person eating the same stuff (ham and has brown casserole, I believe) that was sprayed all over the microwave.  The person – amazingly, My Hero – had clearly done a thorough job of it.

I then put on my bold, confrontational face, and asked Scott to please clean up his explosion.  (Note that these kinds of requests are still difficult for me, but I keep practicing, hoping experience will yield better results on the part of others, and fewer uncomfortable feelings for me.)

Scott was not disagreeable.  He got a damp cloth and started wiping it out.  I was thankful, but as he was finishing up, I wondered if he had tackled the worst part – the inside top of the beast.  It’s not visible, you know, even to a short person like me, and I was pretty darn sure it wasn’t visible to a 6-foot tall man, either.  So I said, “Hey, please clean the ceiling of it, too.  That’s where most of the ham missiles landed.”

And here’s what he said, having lived a half century on the planet and having had a microwave oven in his kitchen since Christmas of 1988:  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ceiling of a microwave!”

This thought just made me laugh out loud. . . and now I’m wondering what other features of our home he’s never seen.  = )

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