Mobile home

When Josiah drove away in “his” car on January 10 – that would be the Honda (“Frozone) to which we have officially and ceremoniously given him full rights and for which he now carries ALL responsibilities (although we are currently retaining the title, simply because it’s a lot less expensive for us to legally own the car and have him to pay us for his insurance) – the temp here was 7 degrees.  He was anticipating a two-day drive back to northern Virginia, where he planned to withdraw from college, register to audit one or two classes, and fly to Albany for a several-day business trip to get things set up to work remotely (from northern Virginia) as a programmer on a Farm Family Insurance Company software development project that Scott is overseeing.

Yes, nepotism lives, and in this case, it’s a pretty darn lucrative deal for the 20-something college drop-0ut!

So, I had asked Jo if he was planning to get a hotel that night, and he said no, that even with burning the gas to run the car and keep the heater on all night, it would be less expensive to sleep in his car than to rent a hotel room.  Well, that’s probably true.

However, being nearly out of gas in a remote section of the mountains of Pennsylvania when he grew sleepy at 3:00 a.m., he decided he couldn’t risk keeping the car running, and it was just too darn cold to sleep.  So he drove on, found a gas station, filled the tank, drove on some more, and ultimately came to a McDonald’s.  What could be nicer?!?  Food, a bathroom, a parking lot, and free wi-fi!  He slept there for a few hours and then pressed on, ultimately arriving in (I assume) Purcellville.

The next day, he made his trip to Albany (although have I heard through the grapevine that he came close to missing his flight, that there was some kind of uproariously funny event related to the wearing of minimal apparel while drying some other subset of his clothes, and that his computer could not be configured to interact with the Farm Family network), returned to Purcellville, and established himself as an off-campus student.

Well, I suspect that “off-campus” may be stretching things a bit.  And stretching a bit may not be what he does in his sleep these days.  I have now been made privvy to (via two different sources, neither of which is Josiah) the fact that the Llama is sleeping in his car.  We have been told that he does shower, which is a good thing.  We don’t know exactly where or what he’s eating, how or if he’s doing laundry (or ironing his required “business casual” clothes), or where he parks his car while sleeping in it, but we do understand that a kind friend has volunteered the use of his study cube, where we assume Jo is setting up his programming business.

The guy is nothing if not creative, resourceful, and independent!  Regardless of how long he chooses to sleep in his car, he will undoubtedly have some wild and crazy stories to tell his kids in twenty years!!!


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