Rose-colored lenses

On the way to Mt. Nebo, we stopped at the Rotary Ann rest area juts a few miles north of Booger Hollow.  It’s called Rotary Ann because back in the 1930s, when touring cars were all the rage up and down through the Ozarks, there was a Rotary Club.  I’m not sure where it was based, but the guys who were members of it were referred to as “Rotarians,” and their wives – taking off on the pronunciation of rotarians – were known as Rotary Ann(s).  Those ladies raised the money for the construction of the very first rest area in Arkansas, right there on the spine of Highway 7.

I, of course, visited the facilities there, and I waited to wash my hands behind a sweet little. . . well, I was about to say “old,” but I don’t think she qualified yet as she was probably only in her early 70s. . . lady who met me at the hand dryer with the words, “Have you tried looking at the leaves through rose-colored glasses?”

Actually, I had not.

I told her that my own sunglasses are amber-colored, but she went right on to explain that some years ago she happened by accident to be wearing some rose-colored glasses while viewing the fall colors, and it really intensified the colors.  The greens were greener and the reds were deeper, and she decided then and there that rose-colored glasses were the best way to see the changing leaves.  I smiled and went my way, but she caught me again outside the bathroom, as I was looking over the overlook, and told me all over again about the wonder of rose-colored glasses.

Now personally, I prefer to just look at my fall colors unadulterated, but she would have none of it.  Taking off her glasses, she handed them to me and told me to, “Just look at that red one over there (sumac)!  It’s so much more brilliant with the rose-colored glasses, isn’t it?”  I didn’t see a huge difference, but there was a slight one, so I nodded, thanked her, and handed back her glasses.

As I walked away, she told me how her husband, a mechanic, drove behind the snow plows for years up in the those parts, to make any necessary repairs in the snowstorms.  They still lived in the area and were just out for a drive to look at the beautiful trees.

Through rose-colored lenses.


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